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I just wanted to pass along a personal testimony about Doug Perry, Chris Evans and fellowshipofthemartyrs.com.

I only talk about what me and my family personally saw & heard, and how lots of it conflicts with the bible (IOW its false teaching). Anyway I used to be along side Doug & Chris for quite a while, but the Lord in His mercy rescued us.

With that said I posted a video asking forgiveness for ever recommending fellowshipofthemartyrs (since I recommended fotm to a lot of people on youtube, I had to post a video about what we saw & experienced. Here is the link...


The next video is where I explain the false teaching of "spiritual marriages" that Doug & Chris practice, promote and how it directly contradicts the bible. Here is the link...


Anyway, I want to pass along this info, so others can look at scripture, take our testimony into consideration and test everything as the word of God commands. I only wish I had 'tested everything'; if I had, then lots of people, including me and my family wouldnt have gotten hurt, nor would others be involved in false teaching. Its a humbling experience needless to say.

Please keep all those who are involved in prayer.

Humble in Christ,


p.s. BTW in the above videos I also posted links to others who posted their youtube testimonies about Doug Perry & Chris Evans. Like the bible says we are to have 2 or more witnesses to support an accusation.

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