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I hear that Rick Warren's new book is called “The Marketing Driven Church”. It will include chapters on customer focused theology. It will incorporate the “10 Effective Habits to Success Christianity” and “The Millionaire Christian Door”.


Sounds alot like our friendly neighborhood Wal-mart store. Will these churches have everything that I need under one roof, low paying jobs, the lowest priced Christianity, products produced in foriegn markets, and the ability to shut down smaller churches due to a loss in clientele? Will these churches sell me my salvation on a weekly basis? In the article it stated that even the pastors looked the same....wouldn't that be a little strange? Now, what I want to know is....will the congregation all look the same too? Would this be like the movie "The Stepford Wives"?


How entertaining. The Catholic Church has been doing it for 2 millenia and now a group of Protestants do it and it's a novel idea?

Ok, ok, it's not exactly the same...the Catholic Church starts her own parishes, doesn't gobble up existing ones.


its called a denomination, catholic (the universal way of doing church), Anglican (the English way of doing church), Methodist (the method of doing church).

Paul started it with his missionary journey's. There is nothing new under the sun, satellites just apply current technology to old systems.

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