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Good lesson on the Trinity.

A good question to ask "Which person of the Trinity is referred to 'In God We Trust'". I believe that many American Christians assume that it's God the Father, but as Christians, it should be faith in God the Son. Many Jews and Muslims don't have a problem with God as Father, but do with Gos as Son.

Civil Religion likes a god who is not defined by the Trinity but by society.

If we are a Christian Nation, then we should be willing to so say "In Christ We Trust". BTW, there is no such thing as a Christian Nation only a nation with Christians in it.

Chris Rosebrough


As always, your comments are GREAT! Thank for your insights! I will be stealing them and using them in my Sunday School lessons.


A couple of subjects for your class: Two Kingdom Theology and the Theology of Glory vs. Theology of the Cross.

I would love to have your presentation in PowerPoint as payment for my great insights.

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