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You must include the favorite Bible verse of many American Christians: "God helps those who help themselves".


I couldn't find anything to verify these claims about this new bible. could you post a link?

Chris Rosebrough


This story is posted under "Satire". As the opening paragraph states, please read it with your tongue in cheek.


Now let's see...Joel Osteen's church. That's the one in Laodicea, right? Revelation 3:14-19?

Ben W

This will be just one more souvenir you can buy while visiting Six Flags over Jesus. People like this make Christians look bad.


I cannot find this Bible you speak of. Can you tell me where I can purchase one?

james frost

This is funny. I like it! Another great verse is Luke's account of Jesus calling the first disciples. The Bible reads the Simon-Peter fell on his knees and confessed he was a sinner before Jesus. This is the reaction of a repentent heart. Osteen's Romans 3:23 reads, "For we all are champions and excell in the glory of God."

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