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The concept approach to this movement kind of reminds me of "Pot" talk. Where you sit around and talk things out till they become meaningless, and the whole ideas presented can be lost in the next session that is undertaken.

Orycteropus Afer

I'm happy to tell you that this post won an Aardie. Congratulations on a job well done

Weekend Fisher

Hi there

The rebuttal of emergents being certain of the lack of certainty left me smiling. It was well worded.

Still -- and really I've never had anyone call me emergent, I'm confessional Lutheran by choice not by birth -- I'd have to say "penal substitutionary" atonement and "Christ died for me" are not equivalent statements. Christ died for me. Still, "penal substitution" is just the tip of the iceberg about what Christ has done for us in the atonement.

Take care & God bless

Sean Jutzi

You make some excellent points in your exposure of Emergent heresies, the one of greatest concern to me is the denial of the sufficiency of Christ's atoning death and resurrection--without these we have no salvation--and how can faith and certainty be divorced? My bible still says that "I live by faith in the Son of God" (Galatians 2:20). The point I wanted to make, in conjunction with your refutation, is that the Emergent Church movement has been deceived by a satanic doctrine that started in the Garden--wherein the devil sowed seeds of doubt in Adam and Eve concerning God's will, authority, and truthfulness. There is nothing new under the sun, and what's worse, the Bible says this sort of nonsense is going to get much worse (Mark 13).
* Keep fighting the good fight of faith, God Bless!


Christ Died For Me, of this I am Vehemently Certain. I make this statement with Authentic humility, cause I know I NEED IT.

The motive behind this whole Emerging Church thing is discomfort with what the Bible says, in the gospel and about sin, virtue...
They don't like it. This is just another way to to put their Judgement over God'.

The Emerging Church sanctifies culture. This Emerging church sanctifies the post-modern culture as legitimate. All the Prophets have spoken against the cultures of their time. The Bible does not change, it doesn't adapt to culture. It confronts culture with unchanging truth in every situation. The Emerging Church is unwilling to believe the clear statement of Scripture, but it's is also unwilling to take the clear Scripture and confront the culture. It wants to let the culture define what Christianity should be.

dad dog

I think the emergent church is just the latest version of liberal theology, with the same positive and negative aspects.

Just like the modern, liberal "mainstream" church, the emergent church has it right in terms of how to live out our faith (social justice, community, etc.). I agree: we need to get out of our pews and be the Kingdom of God, here and now, to this world. See, e.g., Dallas Willard's "The Divine Conspiracy."

However, they appear to also follow the liberal mainstream church's ways when it comes to doctrinal error: "The Bible means what I want it to mean." (I.e., "did God really say that?," Gen. 3:1.)

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