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"if infant baptism was enough to save for eternity "

Only if a baptized individual - infant or otherwise - continues, by the grace of God, in the faith into which they were baptized will they be saved, i.e. if they believe unto death. There is no "eternaly security", "once saved, always saved" as such; there will be those who fall away from the faith. (See the parable of the Sower and the Seed.) We are not saying that once a person is baptized, that's it, you're good, go do whatever you want, 'cause you're getting into heaven period. If that was the case, as many a Lutheran pastor has pointed out, we would be going around with hoses baptizing people en masse. Rather through baptism God grants us faith and repentance, joins us to Christ in His life, death, and resurrection, and forgives us our sins, and we can know that in His other sacraments (His Gospel Word, Absolution, and the Lord's Supper) He renews our faith and restores us to repentance, keeping us in His grace for "God gives the increase."



I think a great resource on what the Early Church believed of Baptism is checking out the Apostolic Fathers or in other words their Early Christian Writings. Their writings span from 80ad+. Some of them were contemporaries of the Apostles and their letters clarify many of the contradicting interpretations we see floating around today.
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I am a spirit filled believer who was baptized as a baby by my dad who is a lutheran pastor. In college I attended Calvery Chapel and was told by several friends that my baptism didn't count because I didn't choose it. I really struggled with this and spent a lot of time in prayer and evern fasting. I didn't want to be rebaptized out of fear but wanted the Holy Spirit to tell me if my baptism counted! Then when I was in prayer I cried out and I clearly heard God say, "your baptism was enough". I honesly would have done whatever He said I just didn't know. Then he showed me a vision of baptism: I saw a river with Jesus standing in it. Below the surface was a tomb. He showed me that when someone is baptized He is really the one doing it because He is the only one that can place you in the tomb and take you out again. When the bible says we were buried and raised with him in baptism it means it literally. It is interesting that I have not been able to share this with many christians as they don't believe me because they see baptism as something you do for yorself not something God does for you. God is the master creator, nothing is wasted he is not a god of mere symbols. Nothing in nature is a symbol, everything has a purpose. And how much more baptism.

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