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I went to the website of that assembly. Looking on the worship part they seem to be among the evangelicals who would deny that baptism saves. I was curious do you attend that church yet you believe that baptism saves?

Chris Rosebrough

David - Yes. I believe that the Bible teaches that baptism saves. There are many posts on this site that demonstrate that. And, YES I teach at a church that deny's that Baptism saves. This is an issue that the pastoral staff and myself agree to disagree on. But of course, I'm right ;-)


Thank you for your kind answer. It is interesting and rare for that to happen.

Another issue is in your teaching. If you were to be complete in this teaching would it not include an admonition that one should leave that false teaching church in favor of one where the preaching would be aligned with scripture?

Also should you have opportunity to deal with an individual who has just come to faith can you encourage joining with a fellowship which denies scripture?


I meant the part about a ministry staff doing this is rare not the kind answer. :-)

Chris Rosebrough

That is a question I have struggled with for years.

Historically, it seems that when there have been doctrinal disagreements Christians have started new denominations and further fractured the church. I’m not sure that is the correct strategy. However, the alternative has many dangers and draw-backs as well.

Denominationalism is dying a slow death here in the states and is being replaced with an anti-doctrinal non-denominationalism. Personally, I am inspired by Paul’s tactic of taking the gospel to the synagogues until they repented or kicked him out. In a sense, that is what I have been called to do at Capo Valley Church. The pastors and myself have our disagreements but we mutually challenge each other to grow. It is a unique situation and it may not last.

Ultimately, unity must center on God’s word and doctrine.

As For new believers, if they attend my church I immediately steer them to books and materials that are highly Christ-centered and doctrinal so that their Christian foundation is built on Christ and his word. Many of my suggestions are books and works that are “OLD”. That way, the influence from Christian best-sellers and fads is diluted. As far as suggesting churches to people, I will ALWAYS suggest they attend a church that is Christ-Centered, cross-focused, high in doctrine and completely out of touch with the culture. It doesn’t matter if they are a new believer or one that has been in the faith for 80 years.


I've been downloading your podcasts the past few weeks. For some reason, today's downloading time will take over 8 hours! Last week and the week before, one lesson was completed in about 5 minutes. I'm quite new to all this, so I'm wondering if you know what I could do about it. Is it my problem, the server's problem, or is the time just not right? I'm lost.

Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

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