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Mucho excelente! I am interested to hear about your journey too.

One of the very first thing that got me thinking and untangling my credo-baptistic charimaticism was the subject of communion. I am normally a pulpit supply preacher nowadays and a few years ago prior to becoming Lutheran I would go into these communion services held by pentecostals and I found no meaning and power there. Why? Because we were getting through the motion of getting it over with soon. It was something we do not a gift we receive.




If one treats Holy Communion as only a memorial meal, then what does one do with the verses that state that Holy Communion is more? Do they avoid/ignore the verses, explain them away?


Chris Sagsveen

Great post.


I love your site! I am not Lutheran...I can only refer to myself as Christian...to be honest, I really do not think that Martin Luther would appreciate people being called by his name and not His name!

Holy Communion is such a beautiful thing - and though your judgments may be true about people just going through the motions in Evangelical churches ...lets be honest and open to the fact that this is also true in all denominations. I know "Lutherans" who are only Christian on Sunday, along with many other Christians in different denominations. It is not if you believe that the blood and the wine literally is the Body of Christ that separates you from Him, but rather if He has chosen you.
We continue to put man in control...we are not. We think way too highly of ourselves.

Though I am one of those that do not necessarily follow your thoughts of Holy Communion...this I agree, it is not taken "Holy" enough. It is no longer reverend. But I also feel this is a true statement pertaining to Christ. We are not in awe of Him...we are in awe of ourselves.

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