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George Cancilla

I stand firm in declaring that Katherine Schori and Rick Warren are false prophets, no different than the False Prophet of Revelation, and no less deceiving and destructive.

Many are like Orion, who is greatly deceived by the present reality. Material or physical well being is not the Christian goal. These false idealologies begat royal, dictatorial rule, where the 21st century will witness a dark ages more severe than the previous one that existed after the fall of the Roman Empire. Efforts by an illuminst elite are underway to reduce the earth's population to less than 2 billion people, most of which will be treated and micro managed as feudal serfs (all given to be happy with their homosexual activity, drug abuse, and will be taken care of minimally, in return for their labors and loyalty to that elite). I will be similar to what is already in place, but with even less security and less freedom.

They, like Orion, have deceived that Christ as the only Way, leads to oblivion. Just the opposite is true. Christ is the only Way to have Life, now or eternally. Any other way leads to eternal servitude of Satan. Misery seeks company. Does anyone want to take a chance that the Bible is a lie?

This kettle of a world is being brought to a slow boil. Slice and others are trying to warn us that the fire is on under the pot. It is time to jump out if you are in the water. But don't jump from the frying pan into the fire. Go for the Real Person, Jesus Christ.

Coke would love to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, so it can sell more Coca Cola. McDonalds would like it too, so they could sell a burger and fries to go with that Coke. Organized Religion is bringing up the rear, but soon we will be able to have our Cake and eat it too; all with the blessing of Antichrist, everywhere in the world.


On this week's edition of the Whitehorse Inn, the discusssion on the fact the St. Paul wrote in Romans about how important unity of doctrine is (creeds) and that we can a variety of practice (deeds). This is the complete opposite as what Rick Warren & Co. demand. They want unity of practice (deeds) over unity of doctrine (creeds).




wow! this one hits hard. I know this post is satire and tongue-in-cheek but it really makes your point about how these people have really fallen from grace and the true gospel.

If deeds were the criteria for being a true christian then the bishop is much better than me. but if her denial of jesus being the only way is true then she is going to face judgement and have to try to get in on her own righteousness rather than christ's. In that case, i wouldn't trade places with her for all the penzoil in nascar.

Phil Rich

Well, she DOES kind of LOOK like the impressvive clergyman ...


the hat is impressive. But I don't think the people at saddleback church would like it unless she wore a hawaiin shirt and flip-flops with it.


I would like to nominate Brian McLaren for the next "Deeds not Creeds" since the emergent church appears to reject much of the historic Christian faith and replaced it what ever they are discussing at the moment.

james sundquist

I must commend Alan Keyes for his words: "Jesus Christ would not vote for Barack Obama," which turned out to be most prophetic. Senator Obama has now sown the wind and reaping the whirlwind.

I thought you should have a copy of my letter to Joseph Farah. I wanted to publicly as well as personally give you my perspective. Senator Obama (who speaks today, December 1 at Rick Warren's conference) also supports having Muslims on Capitol Hill...He is a major promoter of a Woman's Right to Choose and partial birth abortion. He also believes we should have Muslims on Capitol Hill. He is a colleague of Jim Wallis, who thinks we should carve up Israel to give to the Palestinians and that Syria should be at the peace table. Minnesota recently elected Congressman in Minnesota who is a Muslim refuses to swear on the Bible, but insists on the Koran. Imagine the intelligence coup and access to security briefings in the hands of a Muslim who can then funnel this intelligence to Muslim Imams who then give it to terrorists. This reminds me of Hezekiah showing the Babylonian emissaries Israel's treasure. I think it should be illegal for a Muslim to hold office, particularly on Capitol Hill, whose allegiance must be to Allah, and who must comply with the Koran and Haddiths which require the destruction of Christianity and Jews and global Islamic state without national boundaries. But guess what Muslims didn't steal this information, Minnesota elects one of them to office! I appeal to the citizens of Minnesota and Congress to impeach Representative New Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota, the first Muslim elected to Congress, as this is tantamount to an elected congressman insisting on swearing on Mein Kampf (My Struggle...exact word as Jihad). I am sure glad that radio talk show host Dennis Prager has already initiated a campaign against Ellison.

This is a clear a present danger! We must act! I hope you will mention on part or all of above or below commentary on your communications!



Dear Joseph Farah,

I am in stunned disbelief at Rick Warren's apology to you. Your answer to him in World Net Daily to was brilliant!!! Source:(http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53135)

Of course the Lord delights in true repentance. But this attempt by him is bogus. When he repents to the multitudes of saints he has purpose-driven from churches throughout the world whom he calls "resisters" and those who "must die" because they refused to sign his unbiblical covenants or even for questionning his teachings...when he makes restitution to all of those who have been dismembered left in bloodied pieces from the propeller of his Purpose-Driven ship in keeping with true repentance, and has trained 400,000 pastors how to remove them... when he renounces all of his unholy alliances...when he renounces his own false teachings such as his promotion of occults Carl Jung's Personality theories derived from a spirit-guide named Philemon...when he repents to Israel for inviting speakers whose agenda is to carve up the State of Israel (such as John Ortberg)...when he stands before his congregation like Ted Haggart did and steps down...when he personally repents to Deborah Dombrowski for bearing false witness against her...when he repents for inviting abortion promoters Senator Barack Obama Bill Gates to speak at his Global Peace Plan conference, a funder of Planned Parenthood (at least the Canaanites let their babies be born before they sacrificed them to Molech)...when he returns all of the profits from his Purpose Driven Life book to churches and individuals because it is fraudulent like the Da Vinci Code and turns from his wicked ways and ceases and desists from further promoting his books and peace plan and thanks Joseph Farah, and a host of discernment ministries such as Paul Proctor, Moriel Ministries, VCY America Radio, Christian Witness Ministries in Australia, and authors such as Warren Smith and Bob Dewaay for exposing him as a false teacher, then I will believe that he truly has a contrite heart that God will not despise. Perhaps then he will hear from Heaven! If not, his sin remains!

You are most welcome to post or quote me!

Kindest regards in Christ,

James Sundquist
Rock Salt Publishing

Les Mitchell

" except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition...." Partial verse 2 Thes 2:3.

Les Mitchell
DLM Productions

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