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Big Mo

Chris - I've bookmarked your site ever since hearing you on Wilkin's show. And I tend to agree with you about Warren. We did "Purpose Driven Life" at my LCMS church a few years ago. If I knew then what I understand now...

I also like Wilkin's sermon reviews. He's brutal -- but spot on -- when he gets ahold of a Joel Osteen sermon.


Hey, good job on Issues. It is nice to see that at least some of us Lutherans are presentable. The rest of us live in a shed behind the house or in the basement.


Did you get an I have issues shirt?

Chris Rosebrough


I'm not as presentable as you may think. All I did was put some carpeting my shed. Now I'm civilized :)

Chris Rosebrough


No I have not received the t-shirt. I'm a little bumbed. I thought it would be a nice change in wardrobe from the Hawaiian shirts I have to wear to church.

Jim Basinger

I'm a podcast listener of Issues. It's great. However, I think Todd was a bit over the top on this one. He kept referring to this as a 'seeker' service. Warren said 'this evening'. It must have been a Sunday evening service, and therefore not a seeker service. Now it is true that when 'Purpose Driven' arrives, exposition leaves - and so it is here with Warren as Todd so clearly pointed out.


Great show. I also enjoyed the Sunday program, giving you a bit more room to delve into some of the major issues. By any chance do you have a link to the sermon that Pastor Todd critiqued? I would love to hear the whole thing. I couldn't stop listening, like, "Is this guy really saying what I think he's saying?"

I don't think I could ever accurately explain to people the problems with Warren-ism as clearly as he demonstrated in his own sermon.

Remember, it's not about me (well, not all of it).

Oduneye Daniel

Pastor Rick,
i really want to be getting your sermons,am a youth in Nigeria who needs to develop spiritually.pls how do i get it sir?may the good LORD bless and increase your ministry.AMEN.thank you sur for affecting our generation for good.


Respected Pastor Rick!
I would like to send you a personal note! Do you have a personal e-mail? please let me know!

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