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New Believer

Hey Chris. What is the Unforgivable Sin? (1 John 5:16)? Jesus said it is the one sin that he would never forgive. That passage scares me a lot.


I believe that this is referring to physical death, not spiritual death (seperation from God and enternal damnation in hell).

In Matt 12:30-31, Jesus talks about a sin that cannot be forgiven. This is the sin of giving Satan (Beelzebub) credit for the work of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said this in the context of dealing with the Pharisees who were accusing Jesus of being of Beelzebub in that he could drive out demons.

I hope this helps.


B. Becker

You made the following statement: "After Christians come together and public (sic) confess their sin and hear the forgiveness of sin found only in Christ, and then real worship can begin."

Where do you fine this in the new testament? Read John chapter 4 for the only instruction on worship given in the entire new testament.


In both Ps 51:17 and Is. 57:15, God wants us to come to him with a contrite heart. This is found when we confess that we are sinful but nature and unclean before a holy God. If you tie this with 1 John 1, then you see why Christian worship has historically began with confession. It is the "Evanglical" Christian Church that has rejected this historic practice of the Church.

Second, in 1 Cor 11, St. Paul writes about Christian worship as does he write to Timothy in 1 Tim 2. In 1 Cor 11, St. Paul tells the believes that they are to examine themselves before receiving Holy Communion. Since Holy Communion was practiced on a weekly basis in the early Church, this would require a believer to weekly examine themselves. This examination must include the acknowledgement of our sinfulness and the need for God's mercy.

Worship is when we come together to recieve God's gifts through Word and Sacrement.

If we do not confess our sins before God, then how can we worship God? We must first confess how we really are before God and hear what God has done for us. We bring nothing to God since we have nothing to offer God what is acceptable to Him.

When does your church confess their sins and hear the words of forgiveness from your pastor? This is a responsibility every pastor has.

John 4 doesn't have any instruction about worship but Jesus is talking about our worship is based on the Truth of Christ. Worship will not be based on a physical location but based on Christ himself.

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