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bobby grow

Excellent post, Steve! I like Luther's little saying:

. . . we are all snow covered dung . . .

that's my paraphrase of him anyway. Thanks for this excellent series!!

Lito Cruz


There is a disconnect that happens to an evangelical when you say this...
We are declared righteous by God through Christ while at the same time asking God to forgive our sins.

They think a person is a poor demented soul who still asks God to forgive him.

Lord have mercy! (pun intended)


J. K. Jones

Thanks for a great post. I look forward to the rest.

Seems incomplete without the Latin phrases, though.



This the last of a series. If you click on the Law and Gospel category, you will see all four posts. Thanks for the kind words.

Larry - KY


That is a big hurdle so to speak. It’s hard to grasp that continuum of 100% saint 100% sinner in this life. Nobody wants to be a “real” sinner. It’s contrary to the “getting better” or “victorious living” paradigms. It’s also why the means of grace are looked down upon in an implied indirect way. Who needs a means of grace that is communicating again and again “you are forgiven”, when what you need is an infusion of some kind of magic power that is labeled as grace and some other way in which you work too. To that paradigm to continue to ask God to forgive our sins sounds Roman Catholic or works righteousness. It’s reactionary to Rome but in doing so it goes in the opposing direction so much that it ends up being another Rome. It’s like baptism, “believers baptism” is not biblically derived but a doctrine that is singularly anti-Rome. “Anti-Rome” is not necessarily Biblical, even if what Rome does is anti-biblical…one can simply end up with another anti-biblical doctrines (no Gospel at all).

Second, it’s a hidden way in which we can still eschew the folly of the Cross for ourselves. It is a; “I needed it x-years ago when I was “really” a pre-conversion sinner, but I’m getting along better and better now days…most of my “real” sin was always “yesterday”, not so much in the present.”

Third, it’s an incorrect view of sin, namely that inward curving. It does not recognize that when I “do good” I’m sinning as much if not more than when I do outward bad/evil. It views sin as mostly the ‘negative sin lists’, not the pride over say ‘doing the church yard work’, which is the real deadly sin that pulls one away from free grace. It does not grasp that when you pray the Lord’s prayer, “forgive us our sins”, that it is a continuum AND especially includes my sin when I’m doing outwardly good things and not just the negative sins. Most often “forgive us our sins” is thought of as those things even pagans recognize as evil, but rarely if ever when I’m doing “good”.

Fourth, it does not really grasp “forgive” in its fullness. That is not only “forget about” but suffer and allow us our sins for we are sinners. It doesn’t grasp that God suffers evil to happen for Christ’s sake (Father forgive them for they do not know what they do).

Larry - KY

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