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This is extremely good. I hope you will allow me to use some phrases in Sunday school class.

Larry - KY



I finally had a chance to listen to this podcast, my first, about self the root of Satanic religion. For my children we have a short simple 10 point catechism we go through nightly that they answer back to me, they are only 2 and 3, in it, third Q/A, I ask, “what is sin”. And I give them the answer, “selfishness and pride”. I told my, ‘that’s the essence of all sin’, it hides equally behind good or bad ‘acts’ hides.

This is strong stuff, your pod cast/ss class, but who could disagree with it? I do have some questions that come up in my mind with this, it takes so little for me to doubt and fear of myself, and this was strong stuff.

1. I was just pondering this today and near the end you brought up a passage I never considered, that God granted repentance to the Gentiles. Repentance does it come from Law or Gospel? My experience in conversion at 33 from rank atheist to Christian was very stark, and I know you can’t rely on experience. But it was not the Law but the Cross that broke me. Even before conversion, I use to ponder at night law by way of morality per se. I understood in a since that though I didn’t do a thing my heart desired to do it. I even as an atheist/agnostic, ironically, argued that with a Roman Catholic once. But EVEN that would not convert me, I refused to be baptized into the faith. Six years later hearing a man placard Christ crucified, I was stricken. I won’t detail that here but that is what struck me…He died for me, bore the wrath of God, His Father, for me. That broke me. It wasn’t terror per say that broke me, though a sense of awe was there, but the sheer pure love of it all that cut me deeply. It seemed like a realization of angrily killing a loved one whom you thought to be an enemy and finding out for what you killed them, thinking they meant you harm, was their very saving of your own life and you’d been selfish all along. That shock of one’s own doing and coming to see, is the ‘cut to the heart’. I know there’s a whole argument about where does repentance come from Law or Gospel, and maybe it’s hard to pull apart. Even in the prodigal, you hear sermons on repentance that the repentance of the younger son occurs when he turns around from the far country to come home, while in the far country. But that seems to be a false repentance, because he only has self preservation in mind. The true repentance comes when the father ALREADY coming to him runs to meet, kiss, rob and give him everything, then and only then true repentance occurs when the son drops his plot to preserve himself and merely responds to the utter love, “I am unworthy…”. That’s the breaking point for the younger son. Their the prodigal son dies, it seems, to himself, the old man is crucified, and the new man arises by faith, the relationship is restored. The father ran out and shamed himself to get his son. The son is broken, “I am unworthy to be called your son” follows in RESPONSE to the love. THAT seems to be the true and real repentance, thus it is ALL an utter gift from God and does not the gift come from the Gospel itself not along side it or in front of it like some “born again” theologies seem to teach? There seems to be a false repentance and a true repentance.

Like a child only upset due to punishment for wrong doing or their present situation. That is a fake repentance, self has not been left, it is not a true turning away for what they’ve done for themselves and to the other. Most confessions of people to other people seem to be of this type. They are mere selfish confessions of falsely unburdening their own consciences, not for the genuine harm they’ve done to another (including my own when I do them). It seems it is the Gospel that yields the true repentance, that breaking at the heart level.

2. Is this a constant battle in this life? The battle of getting away from self? It seems from the perception level that there is nothing else, the escape from self even with the Gospel, as experience measures and ‘senses it’ seems so fleeting. Almost like thinking you saw a ghost but not sure (analogy only). And the more you ‘try’ to get away from self, I found in the past, the more you turn to yourself. But then, if I ‘just try to ignore, getting away from self’’, self is still inescapably there (that is selfishness).

Anyway, a great study, great! Keep it up, it struck me.

Blessings In Christ alone,

Larry KY

how come thers no refernces to satanic religion B.C.

i am not really of any religion but i decided to look up any references to satanism before christ and there just isn't any at all
and the refrences that i did find the books were written by the catholic church in order to keep people going to church
anyways i found it odd that thats thers no one religion that is purely dedicatd to the purpose of summoning demons or other "evil spirits" living forever thats was written before christ ;or anything thats been confirmed true on either side of the whole deal even the "church"(pick your church) disputes most of the so called miracles and most demonic possession stuff thats supposed to be real is just some hyper active teen ager who is over acting to the point probably has a.d.d. or some other mental problem that must be explained away through religion since the parent couldn't handle truth(your child has mental problems) or are to damn stupid (or with out funds) to take there kids to a behavioral specialist any ways i find it odd that there is so many "GOOD BOOKS" and no totally evil or references too "evil or bad religion" How can there be so much good and not as much evil??????????? where's the balance.... any ways screw it all its all wrong; and its all right......^^ "be happy in what you do and live your life to the fullest is the only real religion anyone should follow"

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