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Very good Chris.

It could almost be a true story...being the track record that so called tele-evangelists and high profile healers have.



Chris, The alleged healer that your story mimics, already claims that a prophetess told him that Jesus would be on stage with him. And he is positive that it will come to pass and that he can't wait! If it was possible Jesus would be on stage with the alleged healer, then your piece of fiction would be a factual account. God made it so clear not to believe anyone who claims Jesus is here or there on earth, that I am overwhelmed by the in HIS face attitude toward GOD that these carnival fakirs carry. This life is so short , the worldly pleasures so empty and lacking, it's worth it in this life to overcome the ways of man. I find peace in this life denying temptations that I know would be ungodly. And the times I fail, I find stress and unrest. I can't imagine the fear the charlatans and their followers will have when they face the judgement God gives them. Your story made me pray for myself and every true believer to be strengthened in whatever we each need to keep our faith strong and our discernment keen. The charasma these wolves have can tempt desparate people, whether it be health or wealth.


Very much something I wish would happen. I think the only thing beyond this story that I'd like to see is Jesus appear to cast a demon out of the Healer and those who are by his side praying in tongues, and having them beg him for forgiveness for blaspheming the Name.

Okay, scratch that - I want the Light to appear at a Joel Olsteen service and cast a demon out of of Joel, and then show up at Saddleback and do the same for Purpose-Driven, and have them both begin preaching the true Gospel at all costs. Maybe the same at a few other mega-"churches" (they aren't really churches if they don't proclaim the Gospel, at least not from a Biblical perspective, so I hate calling any one of them a "church.")

Oh well, it probably won't happen - but we can be praying for it, anyway!

david mc

Great story.

If you have not seen it you need to see the Steve martinmovie Leap of Faith. Very similar to your story but with the added joy of a great musical soundtrack.

Steve Lownes

There is a hidden side to the stories of folks who send millions of dollars to "healers" and bye their crap hook, line and sinker.The hidden side is that they try to convert other family members into their religion and if the other family members don't believe their heresy then they are "prayed for" and talked down to as if they are not spiritual enough. What's worse is if something tragic happens in the life of the "unbelievers" somehow the tragedy becomes thier fault with all the guilt, blame and shame the "believers" can heap on them.
I was married to a woman who was raised by parents who believed and sent money to guys like Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagan, Joel Ostein and their ilk. Our story is that we had been trying to conceive for sometime. One blessed/cursed evening I got home from work and my wife had our apartment decorated in ribbons, confetti and candles. She'd fixed a special meal for us and she'd bought me a gift, wrapped it and set it on the kitchen table. It was a coffee mug with "worlds greatest dad" printed on it. There was a card on the kitchen table announcing she was pregnant. "AT LAST" we were, to say the least, extatic. So, for 3 months we planned, we bought stuff, we painted, we told the parents, the family, the friends, etc. We planned names. We debated whether we should know if our child was going to be a boy or girl before birth. We did all the stuff brand new expectant parents do. We had huge expectations. Our hopes and dreams were becoming reality. One night, at about 12 weeks into the pregnancy, I'd come home from work at the usual time I found my wife sobing. I asked what was wrong. She said she was bleeding. I was stunned. I said call the doctor lets get you to the hospital. She'd called the doctor, she'd called her mom and dad. The doctor had made an appointment for her in a day or two. She didn't want to worry me so she suffered alone that day until I'd gotten home. Within a day or two we had lost our baby. We had to go the hospital with his remains. He was my first son. My wife had to get cleaned out. My wife's parents arrived at the hospital too and they couldn't believe it. They didn't know what to think. They didn't understand how a God that promised healing and health, if one was to pray hard enough, would let an innocent baby die. My wife's sister accused my wife of having sin in her life and not believing the healing power of the lord. My wife's sister asked my wife what unconfessed sin she had in her life because God would not let a baby die if the parents were "Holy". I wish I had been there to intercept my sister in-law that day. It would have prevented my wife from some of the suffering and guilt she was already feeling.

I had a pastor who called that stuff for what it is, it is witchcraft and it is evil. While pastors will want to pray for those evil men I want something else to befall them and I pray for forgiveness of my evil heart in my wish...

"...and those who are by his side praying in tongues, and having them beg him for forgiveness for blaspheming the Name."

I pray in tongues. It's nothing like Chris described here, but I do. As does my mother. It's a quiet, beautiful thing very often.

The scene described here is not the only way praying in tongues occurs, nor the only way people who do it behave. We don't send our money in to such people, nor do we even watch or advocate them in anyway in our A/G church. Chris has written something relevant. But it is not the only way pentecostals or charismatics are.

Be careful about who you think is blaspheming, and why.

("Fletch Lives" also has a fake healer. It's fairly funny. And painful to watch.)


Julie, I don't see where Chris mentioned praying in tongues. The scene he is describing can be found over and over on tbn, as well as other less popular networks. I attended a pentecostal church until I moved. I still refer to them as a church, though some members had a firm belief in hinn, warren, baxter and new paraphrased versions of the bible. I also know they have dropped warren and baxter. I can only pray they also see the other two issues for the deceptions they are. I love those people and do not doubt their faith. As with any of us we have to test everything with Scripture alone as our guide. If it doesn't pass, then it's false. I know the Holy Spirit works miracles today, I have not spoken in tongues, however, I have no reason to doubt they are spoken. I don't care much for labels and unfortunately with so many denominations, I see them as labels only. I honestly believe The One True Church will be the believers who have God's word written on their hearts.

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