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Gary (aka fool4jesus)

Chris, I'm totally with you. I am now going to lead the Way of the Master to learn how to better share the real Gospel with people.

To anybody from a seeker-sensitive church who says that your church is different and preaches the real Gospel: please supply at least one actual example of an MP3 link so we can listen, too. I have spent between 6 and 10 hours now listening to sermons from seeker-sensitive churches, all of which claimed to be preaching the Gospel.

Unfortunately, I have never once have heard something that would convict a person of his sinfulness and need for the Savior, but I'm still waiting.

Gary (aka fool4jesus)

By the way, I should mention a recent entry on my blog in reaction to a discussion with somebody from a seeker-sensitive church and why so many "converts" fall away.



AMEN, brother! The gospel is Supposed to be offensive! It's not supposed to make you feel all nice and warm and cuddly inside. It's supposed to convict you of your sins, make you realize what a wretch you are, and then look to God for forgiveness and salvation.

When was Jesus Christ EVER "sensitive" to people? When did He ever water down what He preached? When did He ever lure people in with a soft message and a false promise?

Good grief. My favorite example remains what He did after feeding the 5,000. The crowds followed Him to make Him their earthly king to overthrow Rome. But He saw right through them and gave a sermon so offensive that most left, never to return. (The talk was on how He was the "bread of life")

The Lord never used a "seeker-sensitive" approach, but instead, He gave them (us) the truth, period.


So...you are saying that if anyone comes to know Christ thru one of the 'seeker sensitive' churches...they are NOT really saved?
I find that argument very lacking in biblical proof.

Truman, I never found the Gospel offensive. the preacher was talking about peace that passes all understanding...how that there is joy in saving knowledge of Christ...how that He gave His life, suffered so that I didn't have to....and that was all it took. I knew right then I wanted whatever he was talking about and I gave my heart to Christ.
There was nothing offensive about it. He preached the Gospel with passion, with a brokenness, with a sincerity that pricked my heart. He never told me how rotten I was...once I heard about a perfect loving God who sacrificed so much so that I could have eternal life...I automatically knew that of myself I was unworthy of such...I knew I was full of sin....unholy...and that it was only thru God's grace and mercey could such a salvation be true

How can that be offensive?


Jimmy - I understand, but for many people it actually is. They don't want to be confronted with their sins and don't believe they have anything they need to be forgiven for. The idea that they need forgivness and a Savior is offensive to thm. I've met such people before.

I also meant that the gospel is offensive to the world. The Lord says "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." To the world, that is incredibly intolerant, especially in modern America.

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