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Charlotte Naven

Hilarious and so true. I'm curious about who made this video? Good job.

Charlotte Naven

Hilarious and so true. I'm curious about who made this video? Good job.


That was just plain funny.

BTW, was that a Submissive Jesus statue on top of the drive thru box?


That was Buddy Jesus, wasn't it, just like the speaker-flanking pictures?

Brilliant. I'm sending this round to my youth.


This is going out in my church mailing list.....

lisa ransdell

Isn't this the 'church' of today that everybody wants?

Ann Brock

Great post, is that today's church?

Chris Whisonant

Hilarious! A little sad too, b/c that's the way it is many times.

BTW, you may want to look into stopping the YouTube "menu" from displaying:

See this link


The drive thru church was pretty funny. There is also a link on the You Tube menu for Mr Bean Goes to Church.


The drive thru church was pretty funny. There is also a link on the You Tube menu for Mr Bean Goes to Church.


LOL! Too funny and so true.

Seeker Sensitive:

"Come to church where you will get a sugar coated message to make you feel good and get your ears tickled...now pass the collection plate."

Petty English

I am so offended at that evil UTube show you have on your site. Your site is of Satan and should be banned from the internet entirely. The drive thru church is providing a good gospel message for those who do not like the organized churches like that Lutheran Church down the street. Ugh! Simply terrible. You are Pharasees. You are blasphemers and those at that Lutheran church...how do they keep their doors open with the boring stuff they teach. Just awful. Church should not be so boring and all that stuff you do over and over again is terrible. You need spontaniety and you need to let the Spirit move you. You are not Spiritual at all and obviously not saved. Jesus lets us worship anyway we want and you mocking the way people worship is just wrong. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Robert W.

Petty English:

Do you really think that teaching scripture is boring stuff?

Read 2 Timothy 3: 16-17.

Where does scripture say that Jesus let's us worship anyway we want?

Where in scripture does God call His Word boring?

Think about what you are saying.

Petty English

Well it can be boring the way some of those mainline churches teach it. I feel that creativity in the way we teach Christianity should be available and should be put into all churches. For example those fine Christian authors that have written Christian diet books, they have really become creative in reaching out to those people who are over weight. It puts scripture in a context that is very practical.


Wow, I can think of no better compliment to the Lutheran church than those last few posts there. Some satire just writes itself.

So Gospel = let people do whatever they want because it's more fun that way, and Christians are called to teach stuff that's not boring. No wonder Chris started a blog. If anyone proves his point, it's the detractors!

So is the drive-thru church video "evil" or is it providing a "good gospel message"? I didn't hear a whole lot there about Jesus on the cross. Is that one of those old boring things that we shouldn't be hearing over and over again?


I know this is 2 years since this last post but I'd like to comment anyway. To the poster that said this video is evil and that the Scripture's are boring without human creativity attached,(wow) is very close to: Isaiah 5:20
Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. But then how would this person know the difference? for Hebrews 5:14 says:
But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.
God's word is LIVING and ACTIVE and not boring to anyone who understands them. Therin lies the problem. Goats can't eat sheep food, it either gags them or puts them to sleep. 100 years later Spurgeon's feeding sheep or amusing goats still says it all. http://www.crossroad.to/Quotes/Church/Spurgeon.htm
The only thing missing from this video is a driver actually looking to be fed from the Word of God. There are so many people that cannot find a true church anymore. : (

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