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Better preaching in 7 minutes than I hear on TBN.

Rev. Jonathan C. Watt

Preach it sister!

Paul Siems

Wow is right!

What a lovely Moses! What an attractive preaching of the LAW!

She did a WONDERFUL job of setting up for the introduction of Jesus.

If only she had actually done so.

This is a powerful example of preaching about Jesus that never actually preaches Jesus.

Jesus comes by water and the spirit, bread and wine. He does not come by seeking Him.

Ultimately, this very motivated and attractive Miss Moses preached herself. Let ME introuduce you to Jesus. Let ME condemn the false ones. Let ME . . .

Ultimately this is what the "conservative" and "confessional" church bodies and movements are doing as well. Let US show you the truth. Let US tell you about Word and Sacrament. Let US talk about purity in doctrine and practice. But where is the purity? The purity is in Christ.

Christ is the Savior. Christ is the Rock. Christ is the Giver. And He is available without limit in the Word laden Water and the Communion of the Word in bread and wine.

But people often only pretend to seek Him by these means. They often continue in reality to seek Him in church bodies, refusing to let go of those things to which they are devoted, mingling with the water and bread and wine those things that corrupt them so that the certainty of Christ's presence and salvation is also mingled.

This is what makes Miss Moses seem so attractive. But after drawing everyone to herself to be introduced to Jesus, after receiving the affirmation of applause, she walks off all puffed up with herself and everyone praises her.

Jesus does not need to be introduced to the Church. The Church knows where to find Him. He has never left the Church and the Church has never been without Him. The problem is not the absence of Jesus in the Church. The problem is that people are not gathering as the Church. They are not gathering to the pure administration of the Gospel and the Sacraments of the Gospel. Rather than gathering AS the Church, they are seeking to gather TO the Church.

As the Augsburg Confession so beautifully declares, the Church is the gathering of the saints to the pure administration of the Gospel and Sacraments. Where this is happening, Jesus has never stopped being present and fulfilling all the promises of God.

Chris Rosebrough


You rightly point out the fact that is is Law and not gospel. I put this up here because I think this is the growing reaction 'Come as you are, Stay as you are" church. The law is grossly missing in much of evangelicalism, its been years since I heard it preached like that. But, the law alone is NOT the solution to what ails the visible church today. Jesus is NOT a new moses.

My only hope is that who ever followed her preached the gospel.


For Blair,
So, tell me already, who is this true Jesus? Did he come on stage after you? Where's the video of that!?
For Paul,
Blair is not trying to introduce Jesus to the Church. She is trying to introduce Him to sinners.
You mention that the saints should gather as the Church, but what about the sinners? What about those who don't know Jesus, unbaptized, unbelieving? What about those who have turned their back on Him? You can't expect sinners to gather as saints. And even those of us who would consider ourselves saints are at the same time sinners. So while the things you say are certainly true, our actions display the sinner in us quite often. What's important is that after sinners gather TO the church, that they FIND the true Church there. What makes Blair seem so attractive is her confidence and passion about this concept she's describing, it's natural to get passionate in response. What is missing is Jesus.


Come on guys show her a little grace. She was just sharing a poem. A poem about how the world and most churches are following after a false Jesus. It wasn't meant to be a sermon it was a poem.


Hey didn't the prophets point out the peoples mistakes?


I'm beginning to think that you guys wouldn't like it if Jesus himself was on the blog. You'd find something to criticize about Him too. Good grief, it was a spoken word poem! I thought it was very well done, pointing out what is wrong with the way people see Jesus in our society, a lot of which Chris puts up on his other page. I come here to stay "up" on what's going on, but I get downhearted after reading the comments a lot of times because of so much negativity, even about good stuff.

J. K. Jones

This is a great link to a great video.

Just what is wrong with preaching the law anyway? Yes, it needs to be followed with the gosple, but so many people in the culture I live in never hear the law preached to them. Without the law, they have no need for a gospel to save them.


I'm with roger. Good grief. It was simply a spoken word poem---that had a good message. Also, if you know Blair, she is an evangelist in L.A. who spends a great deal of her time actually doing what many of you guys wanted her to do in a VIDEO'd POEM. She shares the gospel REGULARLY and effectively via scripture. So cut her some slack over a short video poem that's making the rounds. She's regularly out in the fields!


Paul Siems,

Were you watching the same video I did? Because I heard the truth about Christ--and the gospel--all over that!!

L P Cruz

Well, for me the point the young lady is making should be granted. It is a fair enough point that the Jesus presented nowadays is not the right Jesus, it is the homeboy Jesus.

She has a point.

I do not consider this a sermon, it is a declamation, an oratory so I cut her some slack. I accept her point and to be negative of her is just plain non-sensical to me.

As to Law or Gospel - I say neither. The statments I am getting there are no violations I have made that should make me worthy of hell yet. Her mentioning that me following a Jesus who is a homeboy Jesus did not get me an indication that I should go to hell and be damned for that. So I would not even call it Law that came out of her exactly.

It was a declamation, so I am lightening up.



Armchair critics, why do you find fault with this women.
All she done was contrast what BELIVERS are following, "my people perish for lack of knowledge"
Even God's people are caught up in the False Jesus syndrome.

Wise up remove the log cabin from your own eye before lambasting your sister.


You missed her point because you were too busy trying to find something wrong! Listen again carefully, First list everything she said about who Jesus is and who he is not and next cross reference it with Holy Scripture. THEN get back to us with your gnats you've strained and we will help you pump out all the camels.

She was spot on! Find fault with what she actually said-- if you can-- not with what she could have said in a two week lecture series.

The application here is to call the conceptual idolators of false Jesus types to repentance by means which capture their attentions.

She has done everything an effective teacher would do, and used many techniques the prophets and the Master himself used. If only there were a thousand more like her. . .

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