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Erik Mansoor


This is amazing. I thought corruption in governement was bad.

It is one thing to make a poor business decision albeit with good intentions. It is quite another to deliberately deceive.


wes humble

I have been reading some of your gossipy posts and wonder if you do anything that resembles ministry or just sit on the sidelines in your comforatble "pew" and take pot shots at people.


Please use the word HOLY only when in relation to God or His adopted children.

Craig Druckrey

I have appreciated Chris's friendship for a few years now. Wes was wondering if Chris does "anything that resembles ministry or if he just sits on the sidelines in a comfortable "pew" and takes pot shots at people." Please understand Wes that Chris runs a business, has a large family and he gives a lot of time teaching Sunday school classes and he helps several churches post their sermons online. He also takes the time to keep us current on the latest trends in the church with his blogs. If you take it to be "gossipy" that is your opinion that you are free to have. I would like you to understand that there is a lot of hard truth in what he writes about that you should consider what he says compared to the scriptures. This information can be quite alarming and compelling. I know that Chris is committed to the gospel of Christ. And if any "ministry" repents of their unbiblical teachings he will be the first to acknowledge it. Chris just last week spent time late into the evening after a church study to instruct, a married couple that are close friends of mine, who had some serious questions regarding the Christian faith. I don't think Chris knows what the “sidelines” is Wes.
Pax Christi



Isn't there also a suit against Kieschnick for his manipulation of some electoral/delegate process tampering?

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