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I like this postcard! Now let's see what PETA thinks of it... ;-)

O.H. Lee

What if I like both of the options pictured? Can I have both? Thankfully, I have become accustomed to a steak dinner--a dinner I can look forward to! No need for dessert.

Philip Walker

Carrot murderer! ;-)

Those pictures are brilliant.

A few nit-picks:
There ought to be a capital 'S' on Sunday.
That's some variation of Franklin Gothic, am I right? It's a bit stark: have you thought about Arial Rounded?
If you prefer Franklin, can you at least space it out a bit more? 'sermon' looks terribly squashed-together.


I like this one better. It gets the same message out (which I still fundamentally disagree with...but that's a different argument) but is not exploitative.


The other one I endorse, yes, but this is the one I'd rather actually see in my mailbox.


Could I have your permission to use the graphic, the idea, and translate it into Spanish to pass out on the streets in San José, Costa Rica, inviting people to attend my church, visit my web site, and feed on God's Word preached and taught through our ministry here?

Church info: La Iglesia del Este (Eastside Church), San Pedro, San José, Costa Rica, Calle de la Amargura (www.iglesia-del-este.com).

Thanks! Great idea.

Greg (pastor of aforementioned church)

MaryJo Rbiar

Our church was wondering if we would be able to reprint and use this postcard to hand out to people or invite people to our church?
Church Info:
Omaha Bible Church, Omaha NE www.omahabiblechurch.org
Thank you.
Office Manager
Omaha Bible Church


So, if any babies (non-christians) come to your church (doubtful), I guess you'll be happy to see those ignorant feel-goody little annoyances to your pious existence just choke and die?

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