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Awesome and spot on. Fun, entertaining, and biblical, yet sad at the same because of the state the church is at.

Megachurch, seeker sensitive, and emerging pastors have seriously gone astray and are clearly missing the gospel.

nondenominational skeptic

Chris, it’s not just the apostate Christian church in America it is a global apostasy. You fellas need to look beyond your borders. I live in Australia and we have exactly the same problems here. We take pride at importing that American garbage in designer packages.

I also follow developments in the UK and South Africa and exactly the same issues there as well. I hear that in the last 5 years or so the prosperity gospel has made significant inroads in continental Africa too and they’ve being jumping on the bandwagon. You would think the prosperity message would be offensive to famine ravaged Africans but it’s not.

The bride has been fooling around for some time now. Maybe in the earlier years she used to sneak out of the bedroom at night, but nowadays she flirts openly in the groom’s presence with no shame. The groom is too straight and boring for her and she’s looking for thrills in one night stands.


Hi Chris
Only just discovered you on the Christian Worldview site, and enjoying your radio show, but can I plead with you to provide your broadcasts as podcasts PLEASE?? I tend to do all my listening through Itunes as it's the handiest way for me to have everything in one place, plus I can stop/start when I want which is vital for me. The CW's media player is dead awkward to use at times and slow into the bargain, so would love to have that additional versatility to hear your program on IT. Blessings, Romayne (N. Ireland UK)

mary smith

am trying to see the video on the san state of American Christianity...but this will not work...is there anywhere else i can view this? thank you...m. s.

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