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Rev. Z. Bartels

This is funny, but I've already seen it! I'm waiting on pins and needles for Part 2 of the "Voice."

Dan at Necessary Roughness

Fricking hilarious, and I love Enya to boot.

raphael Jaramillo

this is clever. is it actually real? i went to the site and i dont know whether or not its serious.

Kevin N

I laughed so hard I started to cry.



Ya gotta chuckle at this one! Luv the "voice" and throw back to Flipper days.

But I date myself...

If only more of us could laugh along with the unbelievers at how ludicrous these "fads" are in the U.S. church!


this is quite excellent :)

Kantor B.

Absolutely side-splitting! Showed my wife; she couldn't believe it!


Funny, yes. However do you think we should be making fun or finding humor in false teaching or mislead books such as the purpose driven life, and Rick Warrens methods? Instead of, "this is so false its literally laughable" We should be saying, "this is so false, its heart breaking"

I think it can be easy sometimes to laugh at something that is so distorted because its like, "are you kidding me!!!!" However we need to be careful of our motives for even revealing truth, and the message it could give if we make jokes about the wolves or simply errors we're trying to uncover.

What do you guys think?

Tim the Cyanide-Gargling Faith Gladiator

Truly epic. <3


Marcus, I am right there with you!


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