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Greg Smith

What does 1 Cor 6:1-11 mean? Apparently, nothing.

Ben Mordecai

Thats exactly what I was thinking about Greg


back in the day of the Anderson Lawsuit, I remember certain people in leadership trying to us 1 Cor. 6:1-11 to shame the litigants into silence. someone with more time to research this should look into old presidential letters and synodical convention reports from that era.
gotta love situational ethics


Tod Wilken might just analyze the "Blue Ribbon restructuring" one of these days... and people might find out they are being railroaded just like the average ALC congregation was when the e*ca was formed.
[Those who wanted to get out found that they no longer owned their church property; the district did.]

Jerry was reported to have contemplated the value of the church property in synod some years ago.
He's borrowed about all he can, everywhere else, and he's hired yet another set of consultants who will want to be paid.

If he thinks that putting Issues Etc. down will bring some money back to lcms inc., he's delusional.

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