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Please don't try this at home.


I believe I understand this quote... But would someone out there help me understand what Gilbert is getting at here?

Neil King

d.f. - I think what Chesterton is getting at is how man confronts the presence of evil in the world, and how that fits in with the existence of God.

There are two ways in which to solve the conundrum. Firstly, you deny God exists, therefore concluding that there is no moral basis on which to distinguish good from evil. Alternatively, if you believe God exists, and that he is perfect in holiness and morality, you then conclude that the relationship between God and man is not what it was meant to be, and that it is man's fault that this is so. The latter is the Christian position on the issue.

The 'new theologians' of Chesterton's time, and presumably the Emergents of today, are therefore seen to be either missing the point altogether, or denying it because they do not like the answers that the question raises.

Hope this helps!

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