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Brian of the Hill People

Unexpected! Usually Colbert satirically mocks christians in general, which is par for the show, of course, as it's wider aim is to satire right wing views. Hhristianity has widely been viewed as sidled with the right wing politically, hence it coming up for mocking when there is something religious in the news that has any relation to anything calling itself christian.

This was a rarity for certain, Colbert totally pwned Ehrman and seemed not to be merely satirizing a defense of Christ as God the Son, but with some sort of real conviction. As such, this was great to watch because Colbert slammed him multiple times. My favorite part was when Colbert asked Ehrman, "What is the son of a duck?" It also appears that Colbert has some familiarity with scripture, unless aides dug up stuff for him.


Something I have always respected about Colbert and Stewart is that they recognize when people are making really bad arguments. We need to pray for Ehrman that he recognizes his mistakes.

Kim M.

Great segment. I think Chris has met his acerbic (although not theological) match!


Oooooo, who would win in a snarky contest? Rosebrough or Colbert? We might have to set that up some time.....

But yes, the video is amazing. It is pretty awesome to see Colbert actually defend true, biblical Christianity. I've seen him pull out the Roman Catholic belt several times, but this was definitely his best moment.


Mm, I felt sorry for Mr. Ehrman. I hope he comes to repentance and learns to see the Bible as the Word of God.

Underneath his wit and humor, one can see Colbert does indeed have some conviction as Brian mentioned.


yea poor guy... Colbert is an ass


The Bible says a lot of things. Do you believe all of them? Why? Because it's in the Bible? Because someone told you that the Bible is right? Who was that someone, God? Probably not. Why are you believing in books? Start believing in God.

Steve Newell


Outside of the bible, how do we know anything about God? What is the basis for your understanding of who God is?

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