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"This makes you wonder how on earth the Church has survived for millennia without Mission and Vision statements?"

Sure it had Mission and Vision statements...

• The Apostles' Creed

• The Nicene Creed

• The Athanasian Creed

• The Definition of Chalcedon

• The Anathemas of the Second Council of Constantinople (553 A.D.)

Brian of the Hill People

Are creeds mission statements?

I thought creeds categorized and delineated doctrinal stance and mission statements stated purpose.

For example, within a company, a simple mission statement may be: We vigorously work together as team to provide the best customer satisfaction and service in the market.

But surely they will have employee manuals that categorize and dilineate the framework in which the company operates to achieve the goal of its mission staement (creeds).


For me (and I know I aint much) a creed is nessary in a day when everybody "teaches the Bible" and "a church is a church" and "we all serve the same God anyway". A defined view of ones belief is needed to show the differecnes.

A mission statement is simple summary of what one hopes to acomplish. Chris is right, this "simple view" has become the theology of many churches. The Power that is required to accoplish this is all to often neglected. So, purpose has become the driving force and this is no substitute the Holy Spirit.

So do we teach purpose or Christ?

We teach Christ! And he that has ears to hear-will hear and do! Purpose takes care of itself. That is sanctification and that is the work of the Holy Spirit in the "Believer" molding him into Christ's image.

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