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Follow a link to another comic and found this.

Brad Grierson

I think this also fits the subject well.


That just doesn't sound like a church, but sadly, is the case too many times today. I've fired off warning shots at church the past few years and the one service that consisted of kids dancing exclusively was enough to call warnings. Few, if any, listened to my warnings.

John C

There is nothing, no one nearer to Father than small children dancing, laughing, playing for they are most like Him in that state.

THERE IS A CHILDHOOD into which we have to grow, just as there is a childhood which we must leave behind. One is a childishness from which but few of those who are counted wisest among men have freed themselves. The other is a child-likeness, which is the highest gain of humanity. George Macdonald (1824-1905)

BROTHERS, SISTERS, have you found our King? There he is, kissing little children and saying they are like God. Gm.

If we would find Him, we would need to become again as little children~Jesus.

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