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That is so cool what I don't get if abortion is ok then why can't a mother kill her three year old so she can have her right to chose? I don't condone any killing but its a good question to think about.
Is murder ok as long as it state sanctioned abortion?

Marcus Pittman

"But God..." cries the atheist. "Why do you let these things happen, why don't you send us a cure for cancer and aids."

Says God "I did, I sent you the person who would cure them and you killed them before they were born."


Eric Schumacher

She was probably killed in Iowa City.



So, is this to say that we really can stop our Heavenly Father's will from being done?


That wasn't the point of the post in the slightest.

Mikes@Your Daily Word

Lord, please stop abortions. I pray!


I find that line of reasoning as a case against abortion highly troublesome. Was the murder of "Jane Doe"' because she might have found the cure for cancer? What if Jane Doe would have grown up to become a serial killer-slash-rapist?

Is live of value because of potential for good in human beings? Or has life value in and out of itself? What if Pol Pot had been aborted? If mankind is inherently evil and fallen, as Reformed soteriology argues, why bother anyway?
Bottom line: utilitarian reasoning against abortion can easily backfire.

Michael J. Bridge

room2blog, while I agree that utilitarianism itself can be problematic; I think you are missing the bigger point. Abortion is wrong, regardless of if it was Hitler or Jane Doe who would cure cancer who is being aborted.

The bigger issue would be how it is the same people on the left who are always seeking solutions to the world's problems- such as needing someone to cure cancer and AIDS. Yet it is these same people who limit the ability for that person to ever exist by roughly 1.2 million people per year.


You typed the words out of my fingers, Mr. Bridge.


I am pro-Life but have never quite figured out what it means if a woman aborts a baby (the product of a rape, for example), but then becomes pregnant and gives birth soon after. If she had not aborted the first baby, the second one could not have been born.

God has apparently forgiven the abortion, because she was blessed with a second baby.

Anyone who does not believe embryos are human life should meet a child who was frozen for two years as a 4-cell embryo. And it isn't above my pay grade to understand that God creates life. Life begins with God, long before physical conception.

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