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John C

Here is a good understanding of God's wrath in this old quote by George Macdonald:

"The wrath of God shall consume what we call ourselves so that the true Self God made shall appear".

It's the ungodliness OF man as the verse reads, not man himself that His wrath is poured out on in that His image and likeness has been defaced, marred in us by the lower, sin nature. All His works are redemptive minded, not only punitive. God is love. Jesus was the express image of the Father (when you've seen me you've seen the Father) and so should we be, that's the goal. If we will allow the wrath (His discipline, correction, rebuke, training) to consume the false self (if you be w/o correction you are not true sons), the true (Christ in us, Col 1:27) will be manifest (until Christ be formed in you, Gal 4:19) and the world will see God in mankind once again, God in the flesh (Jesus).

Remember, Christ in you is your ONLY ministry, all else is a work of the flesh. We need to learn to walk in the spirit, for He is spirit (Jn 4:4).


Hebrews 7:18 tells us the law is weak and useless for Christian Growth as it discussed the New Covenant. In Philippians ( as I recall) the law is a reminder of sin but for growth to occur we need the Gospel, the good News of Christ, as our strength. Jesus is the author and perfector of our faith.


I believe the meaning of Romans transcends a simplistic main is completely sinful, God is Holy discussion.

The first few Chapters of Romans discusses mans complete inability to please God by our own effort. Paul, then offers Christ and the Power of Gospel as the purpose and reason for Christian Growth. He drives this idea home in Romans 12:1-3 when he says Brothers, I encourage you, IN VIEW OF GODS MERCY, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices holy and pleasing to God. Man loves to offer their bodies as living sacrifices (in man serving ways), but we dont always do it in VIEW OF GODS MERCY and the Gospel.

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