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I think you should learn to link to mp4 versions of YouTube videos instead of propriatory Flash Movies, that can't be viewed on devices whose market-share exceeds 50% of the mobile web (i.e. the iPhone/iPod Touch).


The sad thing is that his made up song had more of the cross in it than most of the songs played in churches


Honestly, I think he misses it.
For one thing, he calls "He washed me white as snow" and "the lamb who was slain" cliches. No, dude, that's what I want to sing about in church---again and again! Both are taken from scripture, and both reflect the actual Gospel, which I really can't hear enough.
I agree with Walker, content-wise, his spoof song was better than a lot of modern praise songs (and walk into traffic!?!?--are we taking in a little to much Perry Noble? It's just a song!) What I don't want to hear is: One "I'm gonna worship, I wanna worship, Let us all worship, Think I should worship" and Two "Hold me, hug me, cuddle me, blow in my ear----Jesus!". These have less of a relationship with scripture, and they do not remind me of, or praise God for, the very thing that allows us to come before Him: He IS that lamb that was slain, and he HAS washed me white as snow.
He makes things difficult in the way that he blurs the lines between "Christian music" and "Church music". Whether or not you agree that there should be or not, there is Music written for Christians that was not created to be sung during congregational worship. It is for concerts and car stereos, not sanctuaries---and sure, some of it is vapid, but then, it was never meant to be printed in hymnals.
Yeah, some churches blur this line too, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Blame the lazy churches, which, long before my time, decided songs like "Lord of the Dance" and "Morning Has Broken" could be hymns. They're not.
If you think about it, any church that plays "Christian Avril Lavigne" or "Christian Evanescence" is probably a church that will just as readily play a U2 song or even an ACDC song if it fits their "sermon series". One may have good arguments against Christian music as an industry, and the concept of Christian music for entertainment, but I'm not convinced that this business/form of entertainment lies at the heart of what is wrong with they way they do worship in CHURCHES.
This guy puts forth his opinions along with a good dose of his personal aesthetic sensibilities. He makes some interesting points, and his views converge with mine somewhat, but I really don't think he gets to the heart of the matter at all. It seems to me that he is arguing for greater artistry "Christian music" more than he is arguing for stronger/sounder theology in "church music".

T. Emmett Bramwell

This dude should write a couple Audacious Audible Atrocities for RU Radio!

Z Meister

He says Jesus too much and speaks too much about what Jesus has done for us for his song to be "Christian music". Then, when he's complaining about lyrics, he actually complains about some good lyrics.

I guess my personal preference is that, if I am going to advise about music played in the church, then I should advise using theological reasons. If I dislike certain music due to personal preference, that's fine, but I'm also willing to be governed by love towards my neighbor and sing/listen to such music if there is no theologically sound reason not to.

Aarn Farmer

I wish you had given a heads up about the cuss word. I was watching this in a room full of children and teens. It got their attention to say the least.

Tina Nurse

I thought it was funny and true...


Explain to me how this diatribe aligns with http://ref.ly/Ep4.29-32 ?

- Arrogance
- Disdain for the gospel message
- Categorising actual scriptural depictions of the redemption work of Christ as cliche

You have to be kidding me Chris..You are kidding right?

I honestly hope this gentleman is at the beginning of his sanctification process, lest he should judge others actually attempting to make something that praises our Father. Sure, some do a better job than others, but at the end of the day who could point at another broken, imperfect soul and say, "Hey, that dude praises God perfectly!" To me, with the bitterness of heart and vanity of tongue this sounds just like the ramblings of any random lost sinner. He says he isn't judging, but I feel that was essentially the whole point of this boy's rant.

I'm not necessarily defending the CCM scene here either Chris, I do have my issues with aspects of its existence, but their still are artist/bands out there sending the right message e.g. Leeland, Third Day, Kutless.

And anyway, what should one expect to be a Christian's obsession if not the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. To me it could just be coincidental that some "Christian Music" sounds like secular music with God switched out for a carnal fixation because is that not the difference in focus between the lost and the saved!?

I laughed out loud when he indicated that all Christian Music sounds the same when the exact same thing could be said of secular music. Show me a secular work not associated with:

- Sex
- Drugs
- Deborchery
- Existential questioning

It too is the same stuff recycled from generation to generation. What's not repeatative?

Lastly, what's with the arrogance and tone? I felt I had to apply the same arrogance filter process as I do when listening to PCR. Not all of what this guy said was worth chucking out, but he certainly could have made the same points without the arrogant spirit and sarcasm. The same can be said of PCR. Grace and humbleness when conversing in a public forum is necessary if one actually wants to be heard.

I pray in Jesus' name that God blesses your ministry, it is one of an ever decreasing number of preachers of the true Gospel i.e. Redemption through repentance and faith in Christ's death and ressurection unto salvation. But please, don't get distracted by crass vanities such as this, it's not worth your time.



Check out this video I made a while back about the problems with many Christian songs today. I think I hit some of the points that this video covers, but refine it a bit more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1WPZ9-sZz8 .



WOW... obviously he is not a christian. If the songs are just cliches, or words, he has missed the whole point of what singing to God is all about. In Revelation is says that there are Seraphim's surrounding the throne of God CONTINUOUSLY saying "holy, holy, holy is the Lord".... over and over again. Talk about something being repeatative... If you truly knew God, and the Power of his NAME, you would say the name Jesus a lot more than he did!!!

Bob Anderson

Well i have to admit some of what this young guy has to say Is true. Much of the stuff pumped out by the major labels or less talented artists is very same ol same ol but thats not the point. Scripture is very clear...anything done in this life which is not done to the Glory of God is worthless. Those who do not have the spirit of Christ indwelling cannot produce art or entertainment acceptable to the windows to the soul of the believer and indeed acts as an agent to keep the lost captive as almost all of it mocks..scorns..or denies outright the God of the Bible..especially shows Like "Southpark" etc..which are at the least Humanistic and even verging on satanic in content. Would i rather now as a believer go listen to AC/DC rant about being on the Highway to hell played to perfection and conducted by the Angel of music before his fall or THIRD DAY blasting out THIEF played with arguably slightly less perfection but conducted by the Holy spirit of God? No contest!! One is performed by my Brothers in Christ..written..produced and played for the Glory of the one who is all in all and the other is written..produced..and played for the glory of their father the devil! Every dollar invested in genuine Christian music is an eternal investment. Every dollar wasted on secular anything will be burned up with the chaff. The choice is simple people..you either dance to and for the enemy of all creation or you worship and adore the King of Kings. Wake up and smell the stench of the things of this world. I highly recommend you watch HELLS BELLS.. the dangers of rock and roll on youtube or google, the full 5 hour version. It will clear this issue up for every child of the Living God once and for all. "The Lord reigns..let the Earth rejoice"...i could listen to those lyrics repeated for ever..I hope you could too!

Rick Brubaker

I think he got some of the points right, however I don't agree with all that he said. First of all I believe all music is to be for the glory of God. Therefore basically all of secular music does not bring glory to God and attempts to lift man against God. It is actually music of rebellion. Whatever we do is to be for God's glory. Look at the creation; it testifies to the glory of God constantly. Most of what is called "christian" music (contemporary/ even much southern gospel) isn't really christian at all. It is basically like he said just a watered down version of secular music. If you look up the old hymns of biblical christianity you will begin to see how beautiful and biblical the theology is. Gospel centered. It really explains who God is, what sinful man is , and what God has done through Jesus Christ. I do believe there are some good contemporary groups today. But the vast majority do nothing but proclaim a watered down, feel good gospel which is no gospel at all. I don't have a problem with instruments, i do get aggravated when you can't make out the lyrics in the song. When you cant interpret lyrics I have to ask what the singers intention is. Something else to consider. When it becomes show/entertainment rather than a worship service unto God i have a problem. People who are attempting to line their pockets use carnal means to draw carnal people. If we left all the lights, smoke machines, multimedia, wild hair styles, immodest clothing and fancy gadgets behind would people still come to these concerts? If we did that i believe the false converts would stop coming; but the true believers would still come. I have no problem with unbelievers coming, in fact the more the better. But it must be God glorifying and led of the Holy Spirit. What has happened to our sense of reference and fear of Almighty God? Is it God who people come to worship or do they come to get worked up over an emotional high and false fire. I fear false fire is a very present and real danger today. Why do we have to be so much like the world? If we left all the toys and just came together to worship God is that not enough. Isn't that where we will find true joy? To lift up our voices in praise to Christ for He alone is our hope and salvation. Oh and one other thing that really grates me, so much of the current lyrics are all about what "I" can get out of God rather than of what He can get out of me. It sounds more like shifting sand than The Solid Rock. Its all about my emotions and struggles rather than on the finished work of Christ. Physco babble, humanistic, relativistic goooo. God is of infinite glory and if we once again worship Him as we ought there is no end to this wonderful purpose of praising Him eternally. Lets start now! :)


I'll save some time & just say that I agree with Esinner above. I stopped watching the video after he referred to God as "the Big Guy upstairs". :)


If I were to formulate a list of musicians who truly moved me, John Mark McMillan would sit near the top. When I say 'move me', I mean, rearrange my brain, organs and thoughts. He leaves me thinking about Father in ways I have never thought possible. He leaves me with a thirst for honesty, for words that matter to God.

I recently found that he keeps a blog titled 'The Promenade'. The Promenade is a blog completely devoted to music; exploring different ways of writing music, finding worship where you least expect it and righting the wrongs of tradition. Recently, he wrote a particular note that captured what I desire most from worship. Whether I am leading it or not, I hope to live this out:

Wear your Heart on Your Sleeve

Folks, it's time to write dangerous music. It's time to take risks. It's time to wear your heart on your sleeve, and sing about the things that actually matter to you. It's time to bury the shackles of religious expectation and stop trying to put new cloths on the dead.

Forget about the correct usage of wording for one dang second and sing your heart. How can you "correct" the course of a boat that isn't willing to acknowledge the waters it sails in?

Give me honesty before correctness. People can argue with me all day long about this and I won't care, because honesty attracts God and it attracts people. And my two jobs are to love God and love people. Besides, you can never be "right" enough for God. "All our righteousness are like filthy rags" (Isa 64:6). If you want to know what God thinks of your ability to be correct then go ahead and look up the original Hebrew translation for "filthy rags".

God wants your heart, the whole nasty thing.

-John Mark McMillan

I agree with every syllable of this. If God wanted you to only use 'church words' during worship, why then have we been given the choice to pursue Him? Why did He not, instead, design and create us to love Him whether we wanted to or not? Because He desired that we choose Him, instead. We swoon at the stories of love and pursuit, but despise those of betrothal. We desire to use every fiber of our being to pursue and be pursued by honest love. We are not robotic; we all have feelings that cannot be captured in a few traditional terms.

Maybe, instead of using the general term 'Holy!', sing why He is holy. Simply saying He is changes no one. Tell me the whole, dirty story. Tell me every feeling and every thought. Leave nothing to generalizations, but glorify Him for what He has done by speaking of it plainly.

If God pulled you from hell, contrast Him to hell. I want to hear it; the story of a God who is better than anything this flesh can muster.

How can you hope to change the condition of your heart if you are not willing to recognize it? How can you hope to be different if you dance around it, labeling it with 'accepted' terminology?

And so, I beg one thing of the Church, His beloved bride:

Wear your heart on your sleeve, not your traditional diction.

Andrew Cairns

This is such a great site and your emergent church insights have blessed me and educated me greatly. And I agree that this kid's views on the Christian music market are valid... so please, get rid of the stupid sub titles, particularly the one starting at 3:13. Who is he (and this site by inference) to implore anyone who may have been enjoying that piece of guitar playing to commit suicide in traffic? Ever seen someone who has died in such a manner? Do such comments make the WWJD bar? Hmmm. I'm sure its just oversight, it would be great if it could be fixed. Cheers

Amanda Windham

I thought it was funny that he said Christian music is nothing but a bunch of cliche`s and then referred to God as, "The big guy upstairs."

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