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Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that Modernism is a form of or formed from a Biblical Worldview rather than the other way around?

Steve Newell

When I look at this chart, it's interesting how American "evangelicalism" fits into it.

Truth - Many will claim to have objective "biblical" definition of truth, but it is subject to personal experience and is not truly universal.

Spiritual - They reject the "supernatural" as in the Means of Grace since they state that both Baptism and Holy Communion have no spiritual benefits in terms of our salvation.

Ultimate Authority - Many will claim the Bible but they make it subject to how they read it, thus making it subjective. Many reject creeds and confessions of the Church as "authorities" in terms of how we understand the Faith.

Naturally Compatible Spiritually - They claim that Christianity is the only true faith but they incorporate practices from other "religions" such as TM, Yoga into their lives and worship.

Paul L.

Both Modernism and Post-Modernism are curses the world has brought on itself by rejecting the God of the Bible. But on the other hand, both do have genuine insights about the world, even if they are distorted.

The Modernist is right to insist on truth being knowable and human reason being valid; as Christians we know this is because God gave humans reason to know the world and to know Him. Because Modernists can only ground human reason in human beings themselves, the Post-Modernist is right to point out that it cannot be a basis for objective truth. Without a God to ensure that human reason is valid, rationality ceases being a certain way to knowledge.

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