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Check this out: Is it possible to shed light on the states of grace experienced by mystics and meditators? In Mystical Brain, the documentary filmmaker Isabelle Raynauld shows us the most recent discoveries of scientific research on this phenomenon.




Are you a Christian?

The reason I ask is because you would have us believe that Mysticism is a good thing because of a study done on BUDDHIST monks.

I think you are proving my point.


Yes I am a Christian.

The point that I was making is that Buddhists and Catholics are experiencing the same thing but it's NOT God.

I think this video provides medical proof that Mysticism is not from God.

These people 'mess' with their minds and open themselves up to something that they mistake for God.


On to a different topic.

As much as I may like your Monty Python skit in the middle I'm not sure how it may be received by people unfamiliar with you and what you do.

I would like to send this link to some people I know who are into this and the interview is EXCELLENT but then the bit in the middle really totally changes the focus.

I don't believe that it will be appreciated by those who are into Mystical practices and are being challenged to re-think what they are doing by listening to the interview.

Any way of editing that out?


Lutherans are critical of RC monasticism and Protestant pietism for pretty much the same reasons. They are attempts at becoming a kind of "super-Christian" with special, direct insight and experience of God, and use means that are not grounded in the promises of God's Word. The Charismatic movements and modern Catholicism also operate with certain understandings of progressive revelation, which justifies using "means of grace" that were not instituted by Christ and his apostles.

Of course, in Protestant churches that reject the efficacy of the sacraments altogether, something has to step in and take its place. And I think it's not surprising that many Prots or evangelicals that have no connection with church history whatsoever would find Catholic mysticism appealing, for the same reason that they find Jewish ritual appealing. If one's church has no culture and known history of its own, finding something ancient elsewhere, as long as it might fall somewhere in the pale of Christianity, is attractive.


Correction in my 1st paragraph above: that shouldn't read "instituted by Christ and his apostles," but "instituted by Christ and used/taught/proclaimed by his apostles."


I am not sure whether all meditation is bad or not. The Buddhists don't believe that their experiences are from God, but the Hindus do. But I do believe that meditation can be very dangers for some, if not many. Here is a website that speaks of the dangers of Buddhist and Hindu Meditation. http://downthecrookedpath-meditation.blogspot.com/

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