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cynthia curran

Well, you mention about Rick Warren having a Peter that promotes modern Monisticism. Well, in Rick Warren's own backyard, the eastern orthodox have gotten about 200 young people to join them and one church in Costa Mesa has a zine called Death to the World that promotes a lot of living in a nunnery or monistary, as well as Eastern Orthodox thinking.

Ron Krumpos

Blblical mysticism. Many people struggle so hard to find God, yet God is always here. Some can’t find time to seek God, but God is always now. As Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.”

The divine ‘here’ and ‘now’ are not just this place in space or this moment in time. It is the infinite here and eternal now which are independent of space-time. The divine is both immanent and transcendent, encompassing and surpassing all of existence. The Holy Spirit surrounds us and makes itself known through God, Jesus Christ and creation.

Too often we forget the third person in the Trinity, the spirit which unites all.

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