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Great analysis. This is what passes for preaching and teaching today. First, take a Scripture that seems to say what you want it to, particularly a word you want to key on. Second, convey to others your deep spirituality and insight on this passage, so that no one can argue with you. Third, add the world's wisdom so that it all sounds good to the ears, and you, too, can be a popular preacher!


There are many Lutheran Churches that use Ms. Moore's books and video as well as attend her conferences. Many of her teachings are Southern Baptist in the underlying theology when runs counter to Confessional Lutheran/Reformation theology.

Where are the pastors who should be reviewing what is being taught in their churches? I doubt that a SBC church would want the Luther's Small Catechism at their churches.

Glenn E. Chatfield

This is nothing new with Beth Moore. I've been demonstrating her false teachings sinc I first learned of her in 2005. She is a false teacher, plain and simple.


EXCELLENT analysis. I have been scouring the web for good critiques of Moore because I hear EVERYONE talking about her. It's very discouraging to see otherwise common-sense women hanging on this lady's every unbiblical word. To be fair, sometimes she does slip the gospel in there. But mostly it's very law oriented, and full of extrabiblical revelation and mysticism. She doesn't even realize she is doing it. I remember growing up in the AFLC and we found ourselves 'led' by 'impressions' and 'feelings' and 'promptings' of the Spirit too. sigh. If people would just read Scripture and believe it, they would have everything they need. But so often our flesh wants some 'extra' thrill or special secret knowledge that cannot be had through Christ alone. I guess Christ is just too 'boring' for most of "Christianity" these days.


Wow, this has been up for 24 hours already and only a couple of comments, where are all the people telling you how mean you are for picking on poor little sweet Beth Moore?

Denise G.

Paula.. picking on Beth or picking on what is unscriptural? We are CALLED to be Bereans and to contend for the faith! It is very clear that Beth has twisted scriptural. She also appears on the apostate DVD called, "Be Still" of Richard Foster's which promotes mystic prayer practices which are contrary to God's Word. They are not found in the Bible whatsoever!
There is another commentary that is exceptional written a couple of years ago by Pastor Bob Dewaay where he exposes not just what I stated above but also her supposed "tent of meeting" which again is unscriptural.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Now, who do we defend? The person??? (cause they're sooo cute? UH!) or The Lord Jesus; His Word?

The church needs to wake up to these people who invade with deceitful messages! Jude 3


When she mentioned the singer who has lost his voice as an example of lost confidence, she clearly demonstrated her lack of understanding. In such a circumstance, the Christian would be drawn to Christ - which is the believer's confidence! We tend to trust our sinful flesh and the Lord puts us through trials to show us that error!

I've been creeped out by Beth Moore for a long time.


RobiNson? Kinda funny for a place that focuses on "exposing" error. But you're right. You should not have any confidence that God can use you for His kingdom. You should be timid, disengaging and afraid.

I know they said that they weren't endorsing self-confidence, but rather confidence in Christ, but we know what they really meant -- self-confidence! Heretics!

Finally, thank you for interrupting Beth so that she couldn't make a point. Otherwise, I might have understood the context of her teaching. It's better when you put words in her mouth. Makes the condemnation so much easier.

Excellent job.


Thank you Chris for exposing Beth Moore, I had not read or heard her teaching very much. But after hearing that "sermon" review, that made me realize she was just another "preacher" that points us to ourselves and not to Christ and His redemptive work. The part when Beth tells Christians that they would stay "cracked as they were when He got here" unless they also believe in Him to be healer and restorer, is a blatant lack of confidence, pun intended, in the grace of God and the sufficiency of Christ's redemptive work.

For years, I struggled with a "lack of confidence" and was continually frustrated that I could not do great things for God. I had a legalistic view of the Christian life. But God, when I least expected it, grew my hunger for the word, and through reading the Scriptures more, I was pointed to Christ. Hearing the gospel of Christ and how that relates to the Christian life did so much good for my walk with Christ. The old frustrations and legalism disappear in the light of what Christ accomplished for me :)! Christians do not stay cracked.


Denise as you would notice if you read my first post, I was being facetious in the second one. I guess I should have used quotes. My apologies. I don't want anyone to misunderstand. I was marveling that there wasn't already a flood of flames at Chris for posting this.

Steve Bricker

This is the first time I've actually listened to Beth Moore teach. I'm almost dumb-struck.


I am only familiar with Beth Moore through her book "Praying God's Word." I have found this book to be a good resource of using God's word to pray over certain issues and situations. However, after listening to this broadcast, I think I will re-visit the book with a more critical eye. Listening to her speak made me realize what an "ear tickler" she is.


Members of the fairer sex aren't all like this. It sure does create a lousy caricature, though. Women desperate for sisterhood and for an outgoing, popular personality can be sold almost anything by a persistent, Type-A spokeswoman.

Any claim that might be made on how her presentation was really about a kind of "God-confidence" rather than self-confidence is unfortunately scuppered by the lack of actual Jesus-talk given. It never really came out and said that our *confidence* isn't some feeling that we grasp; our confidence *is* Jesus crucified for us. What should have been interpreted more as "don't throw away your Jesus" became more like "don't throw away your sense of self-worth or potential for effectiveness" or whatever. Weird.

Not that I agreed with the whole critique, mind you. I felt that it was overreacting somewhat a little early on, but retrospectively it almost seemed justified.


Personal Freedom Outreach has done extensive research on the errors of Beth Moore's teachings.

I have always wondered why John Piper does conferences with Beth Moore.

I guess Piper must think that her teaching is ok since his church does Beth Moore Studies.

At our church bible studies are free and we don't sit back and just push the "play" button.


Hey Steve,

As far as I have seen she doesn't have a lot of SBC-specific theology focus (e.g. congregational, adult baptism, non-liturgical? if that's what you mean), but she does have a very tight marketing contract with Lifeway Stores, which is under the SBC. That doesn't mean that all of us Baptists like her stuff!

Also, I don't understand the tone or underlying premise in your comment. Are you saying that just because I am not a member of some denomination then I automatically should not read or listen to any of that denomination's teachers and writers? If that is the case then no matter what you classify yourself as, you are missing out on most of the greatest theologians. Beth Moore is not a bad teacher because she is Baptist; she is a bad teacher because she, on many occasions, does not come close to exegeting scripture.


Moore started out and continued for years, to teach men in her Sunday School class at church in voilation of 2 Tim. 2:11-15 and 1Cor. 14:from her church's archived website:

"... Beth to move to a new meeting place, meeting time, change the name of the class, and ALLOW MEN TO ATTEND....Now her class, minus aerobic activity, INCLUDES MEN and women, at all walks and stages of their lives."


(I'm not sure if my prior post went through, so I'm trying again with a fuller one).

Many assume Moore teaches women exclusively. This isn't the case. She started out and continued for years, to teach men in her Sunday School class at church in voilation of 2 Tim. 2:11-15 and 1Cor. 14. Here's the proof from an archived page from her church's website back in 2004:

http://web.archive.org/web/20050326224406/http://www.watersedgeclass.org/about.htm :(caps my emphasis)

"Prior to Water's Edge, Beth taught a class for a small group of ladies that began in 1985. The group grew consistently and in 1997 a small number of MEN began to attend. At that time, God began to do a new thing, stirring the heart of Beth to move to a new meeting place, meeting time, change the name of the class, and ALLOW MEN TO ATTEND. Since then, the class has changed locations several times to accommodate the growing number of singles and COUPLES of all ages that come to hear the inspired teaching of God's Word.

"Beth Moore has been a Sunday School teacher at Houston's First Baptist Church since 1984. She began teaching an aerobics class/bible study combo to a small group of fortunate women. Now her class, minus aerobic activity, INCLUDES MEN and women, at all walks and stages of their lives."
End quote.

Lisa Nunley

Let me give you a tiny taste of the emails I still get ever since I wrote "Why I am not a Beth Moore fan" 4 years ago.

Here is one: dear lisa...
I got your email address due to your blog about beth moore. now i know maybe i shouldnt be sending this email, but that beth moore blog got me thinking. beth moore loves to share the word of the Lord. now shouldnt we be moore concerned about someone speaking untrue things about Him? what if someone is teaching false facts? even talking people out of christianity? Lets go even further.. what about starvation, sex traders, abortions? i feel like there are so much more things that are to our concerns in this world. yes you are right it does say in the bible about women not preaching to men. WHAT ABOUT JUDGING OTHERS? i think you might be getting this belief of yours out of hate. i dont know where you stand now. i know that blog was a long time ago. but be careful on your website. people might be looking for answers on the internet and find a blog from you, an amazing God loving strong woman, and how does that look that you are judging speakers out there, serving Him?
i dont really want an email back.
ill be praying for you.

Here is another (and mind you, I am refraining from posting the ones that have the cuss words in them.):
This is regarding your post about Beth Moore (and female teachers in general)

I do not understand this, for a rebuke or reproof the statements were too harsh...following your trail of reasoning..should she be stopped from sharing the word? Should her ministry be stopped as well due to the fact that her messages (and the fact that she teaches men) were supposedly flawed? I don't understand...So should I listen to you then cuz you seem to have all the correct theology and flawless interpretation of the word? My heart is really sore, no wonder Jesus prayed for unity we are Christians but we are just so different...What can you say about the female missionary who taught in our village? Is that heresy as well? Should we not believe in her words cuz she's a woman? I'll be honest, you really made me cry, I uphold Christ as our only source (don't get me wrong) but it was Beth Moore whom God has used to reach out to my suicidal atheistic sister, she is now serving the Lord in our church... how can a bad tree bear such good fruits? (I'm really crying as I type this)...there's only one thing that I know of, in our villages...for those people who live in the mountains being a Calvinist or Armenian doesn't matter...what matters is our relationship with Jesus (you all have no idea what it is like) I am just wondering, since the theological intricacies of biblical concepts were not so much preached to local men in the islands...does that make them less acceptable to God and make you all more? (not to mention we have female teachers here)
I am not really angry, I was just hurt to see that those who have not really experienced reaching out to other people can say such terrible things. That a person who have not as much lifted a finger to share the word of God outside their own safe place can speak such intense words. I don't know but as we say here...ang Diyos ang maghuhusga sa iyo at sa lahat ng iyong mga gawa... God will be the ultimate judge...


I'm so sorry you are STILL receiving such e-mails. When I was researching Beth Moore, I read some of the comments on Glenn Chatfield's site. Same thing.

These women are making an emotional connection. Mrs. Moore should be teaching them to study for themselves. If she were, the women in the second e-mail would discover that GOD adds the increase, and her sister's fruits are due to the Holy Spirit. He of course can work through bad teaching if He has to, but WHY should He have to? :)

Sarah Flashing

Excellent critique. I've done some review of Beth Moore at my blog, not enough and not nearly this thorough. I believe the reason she ends up teaching so much "law" as you state it is because she struggles with the doctrines of grace...and its apparent in so much of her teaching. As a leader in women's ministry, I've been communicating Beth's erroneous handling of scripture for some time and its fallen on many deaf ears. Wasn't Gwen Shamblin warning enough for the Christian church? Women's materials go under the pastoral radar and that has to stop.

Anton and Janet Hein-Hudson

We have posted some resources on Beth Moore's teachings at Apologetics Index:

Paul Bortolazzo


Beth Moore is a false teacher because she teaches the heresy of once saved always saved. She also teaches the gifts have passed away and the church will be raptured before the Great Tribulation.

"Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of
demons." (1 Tim. 4:1)

Only those abiding in the doctrine of Christ have the Father and the Son (2 John 1:9). The Holy Spirit is warning us of apostasy in these last days. Depart means to reject, sever, or fall away. Christians are departing from their faith in Jesus by believing in doctrines of demons being spread by deceiving spirits. Yet, Pastor Charles Stanley teaches falling away is never about losing one's salvation. [3. Charles Stanley: Can You Recognize False Teaching 1, T. 6:30-7:27] He insists a Christian cannot be lost; they simply become useless. Is useless mentioned in this verse? And how can a useless believer heeding doctrines of demons serve Christ? Dr. Stanley claims only unbelievers can fall away. Seriously, how can unsaved people fall away from a faith they never had? A partaker of Christ is someone saved by grace through faith (Eph. 2:8). One cannot continue to receive grace if they choose to deny their faith in Christ (2 Tim. 2:12, 2 Pet. 2:1).


Lisa, that last email is typical. Professing Christians, while slamming those who KNOW biblical doctrine, rather ignore the truth and defend a false teacher, proving they really don't care about which Jesus is proclaimed, HOW He is to be proclaimed, etc.

Most professing Christians reject the Lordship of the Lord and want to do things their own way, not the Master's way.

Ignorance is not a virtue, its detrimental to spiritual health.

Eph 4:14 so that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.

2Tim. 4: . 3 For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

Rom 16:17 I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the DOCTRINE that you have been taught; AVOID THEM.

1Jo 2:21 I write to you, not because you do not know the truth, but because you know it, and because no lie is of the truth.

Joh 7:24 Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment."


Besides having two Beth Moore "Bible Studies" at Bethlehem Baptist Church, John Piper's church also offers nine Beth Moore books via their library:



I definitely agree with the analysis of her "confidence" teaching. In the greater context of Hebrews, the Jewish Believers were being persecuted and some were considering leaving the faith until the persecution subsided, that is, returning to Judaism, and when it was over, return to Christ. That's why the author of Hebrews warned them that they will lose their life, (I do not believe they would lose their salvation), because of the upcoming destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD. Hebrews 5 and 6 give a stern warning about returning to Judaism and in keeping with the theme that Moore uses, they were to have confidence in the completed work of Jesus Christ, not Judaism. Hebrews 10:39 reiterates this also.
Thanks for your insight. It seems that one needs to be wary of so many "teachers" especially the more popular they are because of the enormous Biblical illiteracy.


I can't even stand to finish listening because the host of this show won't shut up long enough to allow me to hear, for myself, what it is that Beth is teaching. I'm wondering how heavily edited this program of his is? Why didn't he just let it be heard, and THEN comment on it? And what's with the heavy sarcasm and snide comments? If he disagrees, fine, but what's with the attitude? Doesn't sound like loving admonishment.


Wow is all I can say... I have taken several of her bible studies and must admit many times I feel like ohhh will I ever be able to teach like her. BUT I can see that I should have been concentrating more on her context. Thank you so much for this eye-opener NOW I need to have the Confidence to share this with ppl that I know really hang on her every word. ONE other thing... you adv about cd but I cannot understand the phone number or the website can you help me.

Dawn K

"I am not really angry, I was just hurt to see that those who have not really experienced reaching out to other people can say such terrible things. That a person who have not as much lifted a finger to share the word of God outside their own safe place can speak such intense words."

Ironic that often times those who complain the loudest about people being judgmental often are horribly judgmental themselves, as this quote clearly shows. Accusing someone you don't even know of "not [having] really experienced reaching out to other people" and of "not [having] as much lifted a finger to share the word of God outside their own safe place" is very arrogant and judgmental of this person, in my opinion.

Lisa Nunley

My comment above was actually not meant for this post, but another that it would make more sense to have it on. Had too many windows open at once and got in a hurry.
Didn't mean to hijack the comments section, though I do appreciate the comments. Sincere apologies.

This is was an excellent review Chris. I love how you pointed out her legalism, using the correct definition of what legalism really is. You did this in a way I had not thought of. Excellent.
As you know, the word legalism is a card pulled way too often in a manner that completely mis-defines it.


...finally... I've found someone with the courage to blog and speak up.

It is not Beth who should be exposed, but what she's teaching.

I have been uncomfortable with her for a while now but couldn't put my finger on exactly what it is that's wrong. I felt chanting a mantra and wearing a blue ribbon only produced 'group think', after seeing some of the videos about 'Believing God'.
Also, showing us the celebration of her 'dogs birthday' during that study, was not only out of place, but totally banal.

Recently she has written a book encouraging me to 'kiss insecurity goodbye'....

...what about kissing sin goodbye?
There, I have plenty to work with on a daily basis.

Her up coming simulcast is an amazing feat of marketing - it's advertised everywhere.

But, Jesus tells us clearly that the blind leading the blind both end up in a ditch. So where are those who will warn women to use their discernment before blindly signing up to attend?
I cannot imagine for a moment that any dissatisfied attendee could get a refund.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to address something that's troubled me for a while now Chris. There are hundreds and thousands of ladies who pay to go to conferences where glamourous women like Beth Moore come on to the stage dressed up like wannabe movie stars, only to lead the listener into false doctirne. And our pastors and theological leaders, who should know better, (for the most part) choose to remain silent.

Candace Smith

Its not that I might not agree with the mishandling of the scripture and her theological views in this segment, but if we are to truly analyze and judge properly, we should do it as Christ would do it and not with sarcastic attitude to a fellow Christian who might not see the error in her attempt to reach out to many who are hurting and need God. Encourage someone to write, meet her or the leadership around her to help her see her ways. We are all the body,error of our ways will always be challenge for any of us to deal with. If we truly love God, change of anything in us can happen, even if it takes time. Only tearing down one another isn't Godly. Speak the truth brother but just evaluate what is wrong without tearing another Christians person down.We are to be accountable to one another in the body of Christ, unfortunately both sides can damage the kingdom of God in what we might do...teaching false doctrine or being the critic that can lose respect if not done in the proper manner. Do it right so its healthy for the hearer. God help us all to do things how God intends us to do them.

Scott Moore

I am not going to argue the beth moore stuff until I do more research on her. One thing that is weird to me though is that you talk about taking scripture out of context yet the title of your blog doesn't even give a complete thought on 2 Tim. 4:2. You just take the words you like, which are the critical ones, and leave everything else out. Typical personality who likes to have authority to rip things apart because that will get more readership and attention, just like the people you criticize.


You're right Scott. Chris should add "long suffering".

How about researching Chris Rosebrough, and possibly listening to Pirate Christian Radio before you post again?

S Beau

Thank you for the radio broadcast,it was very clear,and I felt you really tried to make a fair assessment based on the Scriptures.We do not know Moore's intentions but she has been taught things that have caused her to err, because she is trying so hard to prove her point, she is no longer resting on the promises of God-Which is why she seems so emotionally driven in her speeches- which is often misunderstood as "a passion for GOD".This is an exhausting way to share the living Word. I pray that the yokes she carries will be broken off.Often we hear "Do Not Judge"-Which is a demand not to ask any questions whatsoever! "Just Beleive" whatever you are told, Don't be negative,( so much for Jeremiah who wept over a lost nation)"Oh you have a critical spirit"..BE QUIET!! ect....
I don't recall Jesus ever rebuking me when I asked Him for wisdom,or to humbly ask serious questions regarding what I heard or saw in the world or in the teachings of a particular church.I think telling people not to question, is actually a veiled attempt to really control people and quench the Spirit in Christians that try to follow this passage:
1 Thessalonians 5:21
"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good."
This must be done with mercy and grace as well.
I had a chance to participate in a course by a local associated gospel church a few years ago. The women's bible study groups was studying Beth Moore's "Breaking Free"book with videos. At first it seems tickety-boo but when I saw the first videos, I got a real check in my spirit.I felt something was off, even though Beth was diving headlong into the Word.I could not put my finger on the deep "check" at the time (I was a very trusting baby Christian who was just starting to learn to discern things that Jesus would show me).All this to say I did not continue the course. I felt sad at the time, for having to walk away. Listening to how she speaks to the audience now, confirms why God was so clear in warning me something was wrong.. Learning to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches Rev 3:22 will keep you from stumbling into confusing doctrines of men and not of God.Keep Praying...
Stand fast! S.
John 10:4-5 (King James Version)
4 And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.
5 And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.

Courtney B.


Funny that you talk so much about Beth not reading scripture in context and yet you take bits and pieces of her words to prove your point. Maybe if you would post her whole message we could see the context in which she is speaking. But you cut and paste her message in order to twist it. Shame on you!


As Christians we really need to understand that the ONLY book we need to study is the Bible. Federal Reserve agents DO NOT waste their time studying counterfeit documents. They INTENTLY study the real thing. I used to be concerned with the development of arguments against many of the cults until I realized the true standard is much simplier to keep straight. I get very frustrated with our church's small groups. They will read through volumes of study courses but hardly ever do an exegetical study. SAD SAD SAD.


After 2 years of attempts I finally got my SBC pastor to pull Beth Moore's last women's conference off the roster at our church.

Contemplative is slithering its way into the church and is turning Jesus loving believers into total strangers to other believers. It's nothing but Transcendental Meditation which is an occult practice out of Hinduism.

I wish you'd do an expose on IHOP - Int'l House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO - led by Mike Bickle fomerly from Toronto... IHOP is huge with YOUNG believers who go there, begin learning Contemplative and then CHANGE - cutting off communication with friends and family who disagree with IHOP teachings.

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