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Wow, given those eerily familiar definitions of socialism religion, I'd venture to say it won't be long before McLaren winds up as a czar on The Obama's administration!

Paul L.

Excellent post! As I read, I kept thinking of Jonah Goldberg's book, and sure enough you had it in mind too. I also commend you for describing the political/spiritual philosophy of McLaren without using the "f" word, because whenever people hear it they just assume someone is insulting another as a Nazi and not engaging their thought.


excellent! You're kinda sounding like Glenn Beck. Maybe Jim Wallis's mob will show up with their pitchforks and torches.

Ted Badje

Maybe it's just me, but when I see your articles against Brian McLaren I think about going to the St. Louis Seminary and reading about Francis Pieper and his invectives against Schliermacher. It was good reading against liberal theology, but seemed cradled in the 19th century. Sometimes it was hard to understand how it pertained to present theological considerations, or why it was required reading. At the risk of not being dated, wouldn't a general thesis against the Emergent Church be better, or is it best to name the personalities?


The correct term for this philosophy is communitarianism. It has been around for a number of years and is shared by republicans and democrats alike. The elitests who are setting up this new world order we see going on have been using the term communitarianism all along. But just like their evil antichrist agenda, they don't want the public to understand what it is about, and therefore don't use it in public.

cynthia curran

Good point, Mclaren and Wallis are similar. I think christians can have different opinions on economics but a lot of the liberal ones and those of an anabapists view tend to take the sciptures on poverty to an extreme. Read Lev 19 which talks about not only favoring rich folks but poor ones as well.

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