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It's no coincidence that Paul de Man, one of the major figures of deconstructionism, wrote propaganda for the Nazis as a young man.


Thank you!


This is excellent! I would share on FB, but I have liberals there who either: 1) would not understand it (but be sure to comment anyway); or 2) would undergo a brain strain leading to a cerebral explosion of epic proportions -- and I just can't open myself up to that liability. ;-)


I read your article today and I really appreciated it. I wanted thank you,


Kurt Hutchison

Wow, powerful article, really got me to thinking.

I read Mussolini's Doctrine of Fascism (1932):
and I see where you are coming from, but I also see another parallel too:

Fascism saw the primary goal of the state as survival, in a pseudo-darwinian survival of the fittest state paradigm. War was natural to them.

Fascism also admits that myth is the proper tool to control the masses, and clear thinking and access to information is reserved for those in control. The single-party system of rule was designed to enforce the common myth through all levels of society and to suppress individualism in favor of the state's goals. All other forms of philosophy (as you asserted) were explicitly called out and rejected.

While fascism rejected communism, their methods were identical (single-party rule, and enforcement of a common myth across society). They only differed on economic policy and myth content.

The myth was carefully chosen, it had to support the goal by defining one's enemies, and marshaling the masses.

Fast forward to today, and the new goal is survival of humanity as a whole in an envronmental paradigm. The new myth is postmodernism. Socialism is the promise of utopia to seduce the masses to surrender control of their lives to the state. Why bother to reconcile and compromise different perspectives if we can just sweep them all away with relativism? Absolutism and environmental carelessness are the new enemies.

And as before, gentle methods will be used until more brutal ones become necessary. Ultimately, those who refuse the myth may be branded as "enemies of mankind" - The same charge Hitler levelled against the Jews, and the Romans used to persecute Christians in their day.

But this can only occur if the new myth becomes dominant and universally enforced.

Frankly I see as strong a parallel with Christian dominionism as I do with liberalism (of which I consider emergents a subset). The NAR's 7-mountain agenda sounds like across-the-board myth enforcement to me. But neither is a threat unless one becomes totally dominant.

Diane R.

I just got through reading the best book on Fascism vs. Christianity I've found. It's entitled, "Modern Fascism: The Threat to the Judeo-Christian Worldview" by Gene Edward Veith. It contains much of the same thing in your article plus much, much more and I recommend it highly.


Excellent article. Most people just can't make the connection between post-modern/emergent theology and how they are inseperable from what is taking place politically. You did a great job of connecting the two. Very clear. I hope many people read this article. In my opinion this article would help people express why they think everything is being turned up on its head.politics,morality,theology etc.. IT is not by accident. Actually when articulated as it was in this article how could you conclude anything other than what the author concluded? Global Facism would seemingly have to be the political ideology that would have to be a dominating philosophy throughout the world that would assist in the rise of Global Messiah/dictator etc... ala the ANTI_Christ...


Great article! Very eye opening. I have a question, though. If Drucker was able to understand and define fascism, how is it that he became, together with Buford a leading mind in Leadership Network, that gave birth to Emerging Church movement? Atraction to mysticism perhaps?

Chris Rosebrough (@PirateChristian)


Drucker was an Existentialist to the end. And what few understand is that Existentialism is the doorway into the irrational philosophies of Hegel, Nietzche and Heidegger.

Rick Warren, Bob Buford and Bill Hybels are Existential Pragmatists. They've created the antechamber into the Emergent Church.

The Emergent Church (aka Modern Fascism) is a powerful thought destroying cocktail of Existentialism, Romanticism, Evolutionism via the Hegelian Dialectic, and irrational philosophy (especially Heidegger's brand).

Although Drucker grew up in the heady intellectual and philosophical conversations of Germany during the Völkish period he saw the dangers of Fascism but never seemed to have made the connection that Existentialism leads you on the road TO Fascism. As a result the young Drucker repudiated Fascism but the aged Drucker may not have even realized that over the course of his lifetime that he was drifting further and further back into it.

It certainly is a difficult puzzle to crack because Drucker's book "The End of Economic Man" was read by Winston Churchill and he made it required reading for all the officers in the Royal Army and Navy during the war. Yet, it is one of Drucker's own organizations, Leadership Network, that is almost single handedly responsible for launching a brand of neo-Fascist ideology on the church.

Is this just coincidence? It it just irony? Was Drucker even aware of what postmodernity really is?

I don't have the answers to any of these questions. Yet.


the only issue i see with this connection is that postmodernism denies corporate thought in the first instance. i think also the comparison can be equally valid for fundamental christians or any religion for that matter. if anything we can take away from this is the danger of getting too close to what we believe and making that god, rather than allowing God to be God on his terms.


Thankyou for this most excellent article. It was very eye-opening and so clear and direct in its exposure of things that wish to remain hidden. You have a clear prophetic (in the truest sense of the word) calling - please do not stop.


In a book that I am reading called "Lutherans Against Hitler" by Lowell Green, the writer spends a chapter to the "theology of fascism" which he points to several characteristics of fascist theology:

1. A new portrayal of Jesus which casts Jesus in terms of race or politics.

2. Tendency to oppose Christian dogma (doctrine) and the Church

3. Concept of the religious soul with places God only within a person and to not in means such as Holy Baptism and Holy Communions

4. A focus on the will of the individual to make a decision over the will of God. God's will is dependent on our decision.

5. A view that defines humans based on a view of humans as a biological creature and not a spiritual creature (Darwinian view of man)

6. A rejection of Original Sin.

7. A rejection of imputed righteousness but a focus on our righteous actions.

Sounds little like that we are hearing from many "Christian" leaders today.

Eric Ramer

It sounds EXACTLY like the excerpt I've heard from Brian McLaren's "A New kind of Christianity".
This puts me in mind of the old Star Trek episode where the Federation Guy introduced Nazism to an alien world, thinking he could control it or clean it up to make it functional and salutary (I'm not a "trekkie" so I can’t name the episode of give it's number or offer a better synopsis than that). Maybe that's the type of phalacy Drucker was operating under...

Finally, WRT the question “How does a society comprised of reasonably well educated citizens, modern technology and an affluent culture turn into a collective pack of murderous thugs devoid of a moral compass or conscience?”, a history Prof I had in college used to warn us that post WWI Germany had the most well educated populace in the modern industrial world (more college degrees per capita). They had the foundational ideas and thought patterns implanted in their native universities. There seems to be a parallel in our current educational system, but with it spilling over into our pulpits, there's nowhere where the populace can be safe. Even the willfully ignorant can't escape it, and in fact are more susceptible if they hear it from those who they think are smarter or more educated. Then again, considering our fallen nature, do we really need to be led to depravity? Wow,,, I just rambled down a pretty dark road, sorry. Keep shining the light on this Chris, and I for one will send it to everyone I think might listen.



Just a recommendation. There is a great book our there that documents this development:

Building the Kingdom of God on Earth by Martin Erdmann

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Building-Kingdom-God-Earth-Contribution/dp/1597521353/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1275782362&sr=8-1


My church just finished a study on Revelation and shortly after that I listened to the lecture Chris had on by Ken Samples. Ken Samples pointed out that John was showing the final anti christ figure would be as bad as Nero, but global. ..the very last sentence of this article just sent a cold shiver down my spine.

Jim Kahler

I have read Veith's book and am waiting for Goldberg's. Ther is a greta book on the spiritual side of what went on with Hitler. It's called "Hitler's Cross" by Erwin W. Lutzer who was senior pastor at Moody Memorial Church. It's well worth your time to read it.

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