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Wow. That is profoundly ignorant, and yes it is racist. Chris, you asked the question is this an example of Neo-Fascism? I would say yes it is, because it sounds to me like Helen does not accept the Bible as written history. If she did she would know that "Palestinians" do not own that land, they were nomads wandering the countryside, and the YHWH told the Israelites, His chosen people, to take that land as their own. It is the Israelites who then lost the land to other conquerers over the centuries.

As for being occupied, I think Israel is "occupied" by Muslims and Palestinians who are the ones that do not belong there. It is the Muslims that built their mosque on the Temple Mount, as a symbol of conquest of the Jews, and it is the same group that wants to build a mosque in Manhattan near Ground Zero, as a symbol of their success on 9/11.

Daniel Neades

It sure is getting ugly out there.


We're right on schedule! God's schedule.

In the shadow of Thy wing

Ditto to both Squirleywrath and Daniel. It is also a sign of the times. Ironically, it has been under the occupation and control of the Jews that this land again flows with milk and honey. Those who do not believe that God Himself has blesses the children of Judah to possess this land must live in some delusional state, for Israel's very existence is a miracle - surrounded by enemies, small and alone. May God continue to protect Israel, and may we all live to see the Spirit move over His people just as prophesied.


Is the Israel of the biblical times the same Israel that now exists in Palestine? Is not the true Israel the Church of Jesus Christ?

I know that this is a loaded question.

Glenn E. Chatfield

It's not just Bible history she doesn't seem to know, but just plain history in general. But what do you expect from a typical far left-wing liberal media representative. She would have been right at home in Hitler's press corps.


Hmmmm.... Has this woman been in Germany lately? Or any time in the last hundred years for that matter.
No-one would wish their current health system on even a Palestinian Arab! (though since the Palestinian Arabs don't seem to want one....)


People in glass houses and all that, is she thinking of taking herself back to Lebanon then?


Voltaire used to say "Common sense is no so common". It fits like a glove the times we live in. In her case, I think senility is kicking in.
Oh Helen go away in peace, your five minutes of tarnished intelligence have long expired.

Paul Golder

Her Anti-Semitic views have been hinted at in the past. But what I find disconcerting is the prevalent atmosphere in the current United States administration, that seems to be encouraging anti-semitism, and giving people, like her, the idea that they have a "free pass" to express it.


In the Shadow and Window Gazer,

With all due respect as a brother in Christ, God has always had a single covenant people, Israel in the OT and the church from the NT on. The belief that Israel and Christ's church are separate originated from Dispensationalism,a false teaching that arose around 1830 from John Nelson Darby and his Plymouth Brethren movement. It was a belief system not held by the apostles, the early church fathers or the reformers. It is unsound doctrine and not supported by careful exegesis of the scriptures. What you call "replacement theology" is the original, historic view of the 1st century believers. Today it is known as Covenant Theology. All the cool, smart kids in the church have done it and are still doing it.

Dispensationalism makes the church out to be God's "Plan B", a mere parenthetical to his "Plan A" of redeeming Israel. It gives us the ridiculous hollywood-esque views of the rapture and tribulation found in the outrageous books of Tim LaHaye/Jerry Jenkins and leaves sound biblical interpretation on the cutting room floor.

Israel no longer holds any special place in God's redemptive plan, spiritually or politically. There are now only Christians (the church) and unbelievers (everyone outside the church). The Bible calls them sheep and goats.

Of course there is no Biblical basis for racism or anti-semitism, but using bad theology and a misrepresentation of another system's beliefs to condemn a bad worldview is, well, just bad.

Pastor Charmley

Many godly men outside of the dispensational and premillennial mould have looked forward to a return of Israel to the Land, and a re-engrafting of the nation into God's one Israel (c.f.Romans 11). These include David Brown the commentator (Reformed, Post-millennial, Confessional), R.B. Kuiper (Reformed, A-millennial, Confessional), Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Reformed, A-millennial, Confessional) and Erroll Hulse (see Lloyd-Jones). Not one of these can be tarred with the Dispensational brush, and in fact all thought dispensationalism seriously flawed. In addition there have been many Reformed men such as Spurgeon who have held an historic pre-millennial position and looked for the restoration of Israel.

In addition, there were hundreds of thousands of Jews in the land of Palestine before World War 2, so this ignorant bigot is just showing her ignorant bigotry.

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